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Full Version: Cuzco's Glamour Shot o' the Day
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Just doing some press stuff for my video game launch today ...


Galcon Legends! It doesn't really have anything to do with goats in it though, sorry ...

I don't do video games Confused But I like your art style....
I do video games! What kinda game? Oh and sweet overlay Smile
The game Phil refers to in that picture is "Galcon Legends," a single-player campaign supplement to the original game, Galcon. Galcon is Phil's biggest title. Phil's also made a fun game called "Dynamite Jack" that my dad is addicted to. Smile
I recently switched the goats to alfalfa, and Petunia had me in stitches the other day when she squeaked past the gate while I was filling the tub to take to their pen. She plunged her head into the bucket and literally went "Nom nom nom nom!" I've never heard such transports of delight!

So today I let her in again so I could catch a video of her chuckling with pleasure over her food. Sorry... I didn't adjust the volume correctly before I uploaded it so you have to really crank it up to hear.
LOL oh that is freaking funny!
Woodstock does that a lot. Its adorable.
She was in "Alfalfa Heaven!" What a hoot!
Yesterday was Phil's birthday, and he wanted baby goats. My friend Jordan (who we bought Nibbles from) had several brand new babies to choose from and she was kind enough to bring three of them over so we could watch a movie while holding fuzzy, warm goaties in our laps! Big Grin
Happy Birthday a day late Phil! Are those LaMancha? I don't see any upright ears. Big Grin
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