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Full Version: Cuzco's Glamour Shot o' the Day
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Cuzco is especially good at listening to people's concerns. 

This goat's winning ways can persuade even the most stubborn dissenter.  

Even if their beliefs are downright shocking. 

Cuzco is the kinda guy who you can really see eye-to-eye with, and you always know he's leveling with you. 

And Cuzco always gets the women's vote! 
Hello Nanno
Great Pictures also Glad to see I am not the only goat person to put sandwich boards on my goat. Smile
Shotgun Susan thought I and still dose BTY: am crazy for doing it. Also I did not "Stick" them on with duck tape.
It is doubled over so nothing sticks to the boys.
What to bet I can get some public reaction if I take them for a town walk. Smile
So I take it Cozco won his bid for Kingship and appointed you Royal Herald.
I'll have to be careful letting Pete and Sam see those pictures they might get Revolting Ideas.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam
I've always just used string to hang our sandwich boards (easier than doubling over duct tape). Cuzco always wears his sandwich boards very proudly. Here he is way back in 2005 helping me advertise my "Lake City Carriage Co." in the 4th of July Parade.  

This was about one month after he lost his horn so his head was still in bandages. I covered it with a sporty blue bandana, but seeing as this was Independence Day, I maybe should have left it in view to invoke the famous Revolutionary War hero. But then again, it's good not to raise the ire of any animal rights enthusiasts in the crowd if you're trying to advertise a business! 

The black horse is my now-gray Jet and the bay is his mother, Easter with Phil's sister riding her. I wanted to drive the carriage but since Jet was barely three and had only been pulling the carriage for a couple of months I decided it would be best not to put him in a crowded public situation where it would be hard to contain him if he spooked or did something "coltish". This was his first parade and he did an exhibition of standing on his hind legs about halfway through, so I was glad to be riding instead of driving. I drove the team and carriage with the county commissioners in it at the head of the 4th of July parade in 2006 when he was a bit better trained. 

Cuzco became a Lake City celebrity when he lost that horn--everyone was inquiring into his well-being for months afterwards. He also was the hero of the kids and parents because he spent his 4th of July afternoons pulling children around the town park in his cart. We made good money those days. I loved having both a horse and goat carriage because it made my business a lot more versatile. I did horse carriage tours most days, but I used the goat cart during big celebrations because the blocked-off downtown square was too crowded and busy to safely maneuver a horse team and full-sized carriage. We'd have spent most of our time stopping to wait for people to cross the road. Cuzco and his cart, on the other hand, could weave in and out of the people and kids always have a great time honking the bulb horn at grown-ups who won't get out of the way. Cool
WOW. I love the picture of him with the sign. Nice looking horses too. Cant believe Jet is that water-resist gray now.

I'm starting to think I'd like to figure out a goat cart. I think the trick is to get the balance just so so its not too heavy. Perhaps thin solid wheels, or high pressure bike tires or something so its easy to pull. I'll think about it. Shoney D. Pony is great at pulling carts and needs to get back in to it, too!
That is inspiring?? We are going to think about carts for our herd. Great looking animals there Nanno, I see why you like the splashy colors for your goats, vivid pictures for the public.
Thank you! We do like our colorful critters. They go well with the tie-dye shirts I always wear. One of my all-time favorite songs is Paul Simon's "Kodachrome". I do like colors!
Here's an oldie but goodie for Hihobaron. This is a video of my horse Skokie when he met Cuzco for the first time at about 3 months old. Eventually Skokie grew up and Cuzco paid for his rudeness. They don't get along to this day. Sorry for the shaky video. I was laughing so hard I couldn't keep the camera still! Oh, and Skokie's mother wouldn't quit messing with my camera arm.

Hello Nanno
Watched it it was good and camera work you called "Shaky" was not bad.
So Cozco and Skokie still hold grudges.
hihobaron Pete and Sam
All I can say Nanno is.
ROFL  Smile
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam
Today I brushed Cuzco with the wire slicker brush. We filled an entire 2-gallon bucket with hair in about 15 minutes. It was awesome. I dumped it out in the woods and no doubt the birds are going to have a hey-day lining their nests with the warm, downy softness. I won't tell Cuzco about the birds though. If he found out he'd probably never shed again just to spite them.
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