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Full Version: Cuzco's Glamour Shot o' the Day
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How about giving Cuzco some special treatment so he can go na-na-na to the rest of the herd! Let him relax o the porch, go for a walk with you solo, etc. Maybe make him some "special" cookies for his arthritis. He's just not "feelin' the love" right now! Big Grin
^ That's a good idea. He gets a lot more special treatment in the summer when Phil and I spend a lot of time on the porch. Any time we're up there, Cuzco is invited to hang out with us by himself where he basks in the private attention. He'll spend a whole hour and more with his hair lying down and not one single growl!

As for the "special" cookies, I'm sure we could arrange that easily now that Colorado has legalized certain herbs. Such cookies might be good for more than just his arthritis! Tongue
I had to use the word "special" because the forum filter wouldn't let me use the medicine name. However - I think those certain legalized herbs would definitely help him in more ways than one. Tongue
I was looking through some old photos and found something quite random... WHY is Cuzco in our kitchen???!!!!????

I have no idea. This was our old house in Colorado City and I can't think of one reason why the goat was in the kitchen!

Apparently someone left an apple out on the countertop for him.

A bit blurry, but I couldn't resist posting it anyway just for the expression on this goat's face.
Cuzco doesn't need a reason to be in the kitchen or anywhere else. He's Cuzco the Wonder Goat! Smile
I wonder how he knew to find an apple there?
He's a unicorn. He has da magics! He teleported in to the house and used a "find hidden items" spell to locate the apples.
Cuzco savages a lot of innocent trees. I'm not sure if he's sharpening his horn or if this is sort of like a punching bag exercise to relieve stress and bottled-up angst. Either way, he looks pretty impressive when he does it.

Now if we could just teach him to only destroy trees and please leave our reflective driveway markers alone!
Cuzco growls so much nowadays that I've started calling him "Cuddle-muffin" as a way to keep my humor about his curmudgeonly moods. He's so funny. All the goats were eating and lounging on the embankment in front of our house, and Cuzco of course claimed the best spot at the very top where there's a nice soft sandy depression at the edge of our driveway. From this perch he was able to look down on the rest of the herd without being part of them. A while ago they all left in search of new forage and Cuzco is still sitting there looking lordly all by himself in the sand pit. He seems very happy to snatch a few peaceful, solitary moments.
Guess that's what it means when someone says "Hey ya old goat". Some days I can relate to Cuzco.
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