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Full Version: Cuzco's Glamour Shot o' the Day
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Thought I'd dig these out of the archives. Cuzco looks so proud here!

What a handsome young fellow he was! Cuzco was about six months old in these photos and no matter how many we breed or acquire in the coming years, he will probably always be the most beautiful of all.
Smile he does look quite handsome!
No photos, but just a little story about Cuzco from tonight. Phil and I had our first campfire of the season this evening, and as always Cuzco joined us for the event. The other goats came around for a while but soon got bored. Not Cuzco. He LOVES campfires and he stayed right with us the whole time. We've gotten used to the fact that he's usually an ornery old beast who doesn't want cuddles and is usually more interested in blocking us and growling at us than in any pleasant interaction. But not tonight. Tonight all Cuzco wanted to do was snuggle up to us--first to me, then to Phil. He stood there with his head right down in Phil's lap for probably half an hour this evening. His eyes were closed and he had the happiest little goat smile on his face. He reveled in the attention, turning this way and that so I could scratch all his itchy spots one after the other.

He was so sweet and good that we even gave him some graham crackers while we sat there, which is something we haven't done in years. Usually I take treats away from the campfire before giving it to goats (especially a big, greedy goat like Cuzco who can knock my chair clean over if he leans across for a handout!).

But I looked at Cuzco standing there so content and relaxed with Phil's arms around him that I said, "I know you don't approve of this Phil, but I don't know how many more years we have left to spoil this old goat," and I reached for a cinnamon graham.

I broke up the cracker for Cuzco to eat and then Phil gave him one too. It was all very warm and fuzzy. Sometimes between the snarls and the hackles it's easy to forget how much I love this old character, but nights like this one remind me of what he once was and all the fun times we've had. He's a very special goat.
I can help but wonder if the campfire takes Cuzo back in time. It may be mesmerizing to him so he goes back to who he use to be when life was simple, then he forgets all the cranky stuff. Camp fires sure bring me to a place of relaxation and peace. Like hearing an old favorite song.
Well, the weatherman predicted 3-5 inches of snow last night. He was a little off.

It's hard to say exactly how much we got because by the time I went out there and started taking pictures it had slumped down to about 4-8 inches (depending on where you were standing). Phil said he thought it was close to 18 inches and still coming down at about 3:00 this morning when he peeked out the window, and I believe it. There are rivers and lakes of water underneath the snow in these pictures, and the stuff stuck to my feet like cement.

Finn thought if he stood on this rock he might avoid getting his feet muddy.

Cuzco wisely watched me from under shelter until he actually saw me going to the house to dish up breakfast. Unlike the foolish young goats, he wasn't about to trudge all over the yard with me through snow and slush and mud while I puttered about my morning chores!
Jezebel is officially due any day, but she doesn't yet look ready and I'm relieved. I'd like things to dry up at least a little before she pops those babies out!

Sputnik looks on in awe as Finn challenges Pac-Man to a duel.

Finn is very proud of himself for standing on this stump. Just look at that smug grin!

"It's cold out here! Please let me in the house!" Sputnik begs.
Thirteen years ago today, we paid $25 cash and came home with a new best friend...

I still say it's the best $25 we've ever spent. Heart
I recently got the calendar contest results back from the Colorado Dairy Goat Association, and Cuzco will be featured again this year! I submitted the photo I took of him at this year's Rendy. Cuzco is such a stud!  

I was very pleased that out of the maximum ten photos I submitted to the contest, they chose from all of them the one of Lilly. RIP dear Lilly-goat. 
We had a lovely campfire a few weeks ago, and Cuzco joined us as usual.

Afterwards Phil brought out the fiddle, and as always, Cuzco parked himself front and center for the music. 

Finn and Snickers eventually came over to check out the music too. 

Phil wandered out into the meadow and played for the entire herd. 
I'm SO excited! I'm going to meet Nan, Phil and their herd next week! WooHoo!
I can't wait! Maybe we can have a campfire!
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