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Full Version: Cuzco's Glamour Shot o' the Day
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My mother-in-law Lois and I were treated to a hilarious sight while Phil's folks were visiting. It was one of the first mornings they were here and Lois and I were standing at the dining room window watching the goats tussle in the pen below. Nubbin was being her usual feisty self and she'd decided that morning to go after Pac-Man. Pac-Man is quite a bit bigger than Nubbin now, but that doesn't stop her from pushing him around! She'd knocked him off the stump and they were butting heads when Cuzco strolled casually onto the scene. He stole quietly up behind Pac-Man, and when Pac-Man suddenly noticed Cuzco breathing down his neck, he bolted forward right underneath Nubbin, who was standing on her hind legs to deliver a blow.

With an expression of total shock, Nubbin landed squarely on Pac-Man's back. But there was a problem. Pac-Man is so tall now that Nubbin's feet couldn't reach the ground and she began paddling furiously, stretching her tippy-toes down as Pac-Man began to run in circles. Nubbin slid down onto her front feet, but her hind legs were still in the air, kicking frantically. I hadn't yet milked her that morning and her bulging udder was caught over Pac-Man's back in an embarrassing display as her little legs hammered helplessly on either side. Lois and I shook with laughter as the two goats helicoptered around the yard, Nubbin trying desperately to get down while her front feet danced sideways to keep pace with Pac-Man's gyrations. Cuzco presided over the show with a bemused expression on his face. Nubbin slid off the back just in time to keep Lois and I from suffocating with laughter.
You had me laughing uncontrollably with this story! Has Nubbin gone after Pac-Man again since this happened?
Cuzco says it's too quiet around here lately, so he'd better take charge of the situation. Cuzco is good at taking charge of any situation just by looking regal and authoritative.

He even looks regal from the back! Why does this guy not have a crown, anyway?? Heads will roll!
Cuzco was the star guest member of RCC Saddle Club last Saturday at the Colorado State Fair parade, and boy did he attract attention!

He carried two panniers filled with candy and we followed the horses, weaving back and forth between crowds to hand out sweets to the kids. We got a ton of cheers, requests to touch him, and puzzled questions and expressions. Several people thought he was a llama or a burrow. I corrected them and told them he was a unicorn. That got a lot of laughs. The parade judges liked Cuzco a lot. They gave our little club 3rd place in the horse category, which is pretty darn good in a parade that size! We couldn't beat the fancy Mexican vaqueros and senoritas with their fancy outfits and spirited exotic stallions, but I think this is the first time our club has placed at all (or at least in years). Go Cuzco!
We had a great time at the Colorado State Fair this past weekend and our goats did pretty well for themselves. We didn't win any championships or anything, but we had fun and made friends. We only took Petunia and Nubbin this year. I brought them a day early so I could do the one day milk test, mostly out of curiosity. Petunia milked eight pounds and Nubbin milked seven. Not bad for first fresheners I think! I'm pretty sure they'll both score a lot of points for butter fat.

We did the costume class again this year and Phil had everyone in stitches with his Spongebob outfit. He spent a lot of time on this costume and it looked amazing! Nubbin was Gary the snail. We had a bit of trouble keeping the googly-eye headband in place, but the effect was hilarious when it stayed on.

I went with a "How to Train Your Dragon" theme and dressed as "Beard-regard the Bold," a bearded Viking woman from the island of Berk. I then showed off Petunia's repertoire of tricks. She can shake hands, spin circles, dance on her hind legs, and go down on her knees to apologize. The whole crowd went, "Aaaawwwwww!!!" when she did that last one. I wasn't sure if she would do all this with the dragon wings perched awkwardly on her back, but she didn't seem to notice them much (which was demonstrated by the way she kept bashing them into people and things). Petunia's dragon horns stayed nicely in place as well.

Aside from dressing our goats up in silly costumes, I also ran a "Goat of Many Colors" NAPgA fundraiser contest which made $50. I also set up my packgoat display table where quite a few people stopped to ask questions. I gave away a lot of NAPgA and PackGoat Central cards and a surprising number of people took my "Packgoats Banned??" pamphlet. Hopefully we'll get a few more members out of our little trip to the State Fair!
LOL you guys are so crazy! Smile
Way to go! Looks like you guys had a blast!
Wow!! Looks like it was fun. Smile
One of the highlights of the State Fair was that my friend had a birthday on the last day and I supplied the cake and ice cream. It was extremely decadent!

I made chocolate/vanilla marble cake (which incidentally called for 1 1/2 cups of milk) with rich chocolate frosting. I also made mint chocolate chip ice cream and Phil made vanilla/chocolate swirl ice cream. We also made a batch of whipped cream and I brought the caramel and chocolate sauce. Everything on the table had goat milk in it. I even brought a bottle of fresh milk to drink.

Not being much of a cook, I go into transports of delight when people enjoy the rare things I DO concoct, especially if it involves my goats' milk. All of the milk came from Nubbin and Petunia, so it was fun to say, "Thank those two over there!" when people complimented the desserts. I had one little girl come over for her second large cup of milk and say, "This is the best milk ever! My auntie has goat's milk and it's sort of funny tasting, but this is really, really good!" I have to admit, I got a very warm, fuzzy feeling inside when she said that. All the dessert and the milk disappeared very quickly, and Nubbin thoroughly cleaned the crumbs out of the cake pan. I think we were all very proud of our contribution to that birthday party. My goats may not have won any prestigious prizes in the ring, but at least they've got it where it counts!
After the goat costume contest, Spongebob Squarepants switched from goat wrangling to bull riding!
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