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Full Version: Cuzco's Glamour Shot o' the Day
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So what if this guy was a pest to Phil on our snowshoeing trek today? At least he looked good doing it! 
Hello Nanno

I have to say Pete has been looking over my shoulder or getting onto the internet and is Jealous of Cuzco. 
So Pete is trying to grow one scure into a horn like his idol Cuzco. Smile
I keep telling him Horns don't matter, He dose not listen.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam
"Horns don't matter"...You just keep tellin' him that!
Nubbin is the only goat in our herd that Cuzco actually seems to like. When we take a walk, Nubbin usually stays right in Cuzco's shadow and he doesn't push her away. At night, she is the only goat he sometimes allows in his shed. Funny how goats' preferences work. Nubbin's mother, Nibbles, was the first goat we added to our herd, and Nibbles was the only goat Cuzco ever bonded with. All subsequent goats and their offspring were regarded as unwelcome intrusions on his life and were never accepted, Nubbin included. But after Nibbles died, Nubbin attached herself to Cuzco (much to his annoyance) and she never gave up. Eventually he grudgingly accepted her and now he lets her hang around. There's a chance Nubbin may go to a new home in Idaho sometime this spring, and as much as he would never admit it out loud, I think Cuzco is going to miss her.  
Cuzco always looks so lordly when he lounges around the yard for his naps, which have become longer and more frequent in his old age. 

As soon as I took this photo I decided that Cuzco needed some personal attention. The other goats were nowhere in sight and I thought I could sneak out and give him some cookies without anyone else noticing. WRONG! The minute I rattled the chain on the back patio gate, I heard a rushing, crashing, trampling noise from the hill on my right. The rest of the herd came pouring frantically out of the scrub oak and reached me about the same time I reached Cuzco. I was hoping I could pamper the old goat without him having to get up, but as soon as the rest of the herd swarmed round us, Cuzco leapt to his feet to fend them off. I made sure he still got all the cookies to himself, but it was in spastic, frenzied snatches between swatting everyone else away. I wasn't about to reward those other rapscallions for mobbing me while I was trying to share a quiet moment with our dear old Patriarch.
Hello Nanno and His Royal Highness Cozco
You were right to fight off the Peasant herd of treat grabbers. Smile
That is a job of the Herald to Royalty.
Happy Trails
Give Cozco a treat from the boys here in SC.
hihobaron Pete and Sam.
Hello Nanno and All
Ran across this going through some of my Scouting stuff, Thought is would be good here too.
hihobaron and the Boy's in SC
Hahahaha! Love it!
Hello Nanno and All
I think Pete has been looking at all the goat "Posing pictures" here on PGC.
When I was trying to get the pictures of Sam sharing the Goat bench with a human.
Pete kept getting in the way as if he was supposed to be the "Camera" HOG.
If you notice he has his mouth open and was bleating. Probably about Copy write and commission on pictures. Smile
I think I might have to take his I-Phone away for a while.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam
As the primary elections are heating up, Cuzco would like to remind all of you good people that you don't have to choose between bloviating Elephants and asinine Donkeys. Choose the moral high ground! Vote for the Goat! 

Cuzco has a lot of experience on the campaign trail and would like to remind everyone that in the one and only political contest in which he ran, he won a landslide victory not only for Homecoming King but also for Queen, despite the fact that he did not even run on the "Queen" ticket! 

Cuzco is excellent at browsing through the issues to arrive at the best option. 

However, he refuses to be bribed or swayed. (Cuzco sniffed this flower but he DID NOT INHALE!)
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