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Full Version: Cuzco's Glamour Shot o' the Day
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I used to have one of those. So bummed we sized down. My two horse gooseneck is set up for camping and tows like a dream. Bowhunting with the boys last fall and camping in this, the goater boys went into the cushy straw bedded stalls to spend overnight. No worries with these spoiled boys leaving their luxury digs!
I've sold my horses, harnesses and wagon so am looking to downsize to something smaller and less fancy for goat camping. Both the 3 H LQ trailer and my 6H trailer are Sundowner. Absolutely love them but don't need anything that fancy and large any more. Goats definitely don't take up as much room or need as much tack as my Fjords did!

[quote='Nanno' pid='903' dateline='1390939518']
Pac-Man was shopping for trucks the other day.

I think you've definitely got a winner in Pac-Man. He might give Cuzco a run for his money!Big Grin
Pac-Man may have been the one who shopped for the truck, but Nubbin is the one who owns it now!

This naughty goat was tap-dancing all over it this morning! I don't want her to do this but I'm not sure how to make her stop now that she knows she can leap this high. The goats have never bothered the trucks before, so I'm not sure where this sudden interest came from. I tried to make her come down, but she only mocked me. Since I can't prevent it, I suppose I might as well be amused.

"If only I could get through this window, I'd be in the driver's seat!"

"Perhaps if I try from this angle..."

"Well, the bed looks good anyway."

"Hey guys, come play with me!"

Goat party on the truck!

"Nubbin hit me with her truck! Give her a ticket! Take away her license! I'm dying!!!"

"She was asleep at the wheel! I swear! I have proof! Gasp!"

Petunia was right! Nubbin has some explaining to do when she shows up in traffic court!
That is hilarious! You need to produce something for them to climb upon that is even higher. You know they like heights! Be sure to keep your windows rolled up.Tongue
OMG! That is soooo funny! My husband would be having a coronary if my goats had jumped on our truck!
Nanno - you REALLY need to write children's books about your goats' adventures!
Loved it....I probably wouldn't have cared, the pictures and story makes up for it. How could one get mad at that.....Tongue
Yesterday was glorious. The sunlight glittered like diamonds on the new-fallen snow. Every needle on every tree was coated with shimmering white frost from the heavy fog the day before. It was a perfect day to take the goats walking. Daisy even came with us this time! This was the first time we took everyone. Usually we take two or three goats and leave the others home with the dog. But Daisy knows where her home is now and is attached to "her" goats enough that I'm no longer worried that she'll start roaming if we let her walk with us.


Phil Hassey: Goat Baron

"I'm flying!!!"


As a side-note, Pac-Man has been growing like a weed for the past month despite a stubborn, lingering cough that he got from Cuzco and can't seem to shake. The girls were half again his size when we got him, and now he's almost caught up to them. Another month and I think he'll be bigger than they are! He and Nubbin are still good friends and can usually be found in the same shed together. I should know this week if the girls have all settled, but I'm pretty sure they have. Between the girls' rejections and Cuzco's chaperoning, he's almost completely stopped acting bucky and doesn't even smell much any more, which makes him much nicer to handle and train. His more gentlemanly behavior has also enabled him to actually make friends with the girls instead of having that love/hate thing going on. I can't wait to see how this little guy grows out!
You're right, Pac-Man has really grown. Cuzco still dwarfs them all!
Sounds like a perfect morning! Am so glad the pup is working so well. Smile
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