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Full Version: Cuzco's Glamour Shot o' the Day
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The economy of the 1%...

We had a sudden heavy cloudburst this afternoon. 

All the goats scurried toward the two closest shelters. 
There was a slight problem with distribution. 

Shed #1: Cuzco

Shed #2: Everyone else. 

Yes, there were FIFTEEN goats crammed into this shed! Two of them burst out through the seams before I managed to snap the picture. But if there was any doubt about whether Cuzco is still king, let these photos put the question to rest.
Hello Nanno
Well Seniority has some advantages.
Reminds me of the Mash Episode were they are seeing how many Nurses they can fit in a Jeep.  Smile
My Goat Tote dose not have any seams to bust out of.
I like the one with his tongue  sticking out Smile You seem to get those kind of "Attitude Shots" Smile
BTY: Are you sure the 2 missing goats did not "Melt in the Rain"  ??
Just a question how much each were those Huts New? If you don't mind talking $$$
I know they have some extras my simple Goat Tote dose not have.
But I can make one for $75 and a skill-saw in short order.  Add options if needed.
You have seen pictures of mine and I have had comments from other sites I post on that say it is the best looking Goat Tote they have seen. And almost armor plated if you have a wreck to protect the goats.
Then using it as a shelter when off the truck you get double duty. How much better dose it get?

Happy Trails
King Cozco Rules Long Life to Cozco .
hihobaron Blizard,Fuzzy,Pete, Sam and the Troops in SC
LOL ok thats just plan funny right there! Needed that laugh Smile
Hello Dave
If you don't enjoy off the hoof hummor don't have goats. Smile
The more you watch them and work with the good ones the better off you are.
You have to be ready for that split second funny thing goats do and be able to smile at it. Smile
Happy Trails
Have a Safe 4TH of July/Independence Day
hihobaron,Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete,Sam and the Troops from SC
Here's a thread about PolyDomes:

They're about 7' across and 5' tall. I really like the round shape because goats can't corner each other in them. We also have a square one that fits perfectly between the wheel wells in our truck bed. It's about 4' x 5' and maybe 4 1/2' tall.
Today Cuzco got to eat almost a whole bag of microwave popcorn that was only slightly burnt. The other goats got a few pieces, but Cuzco hogged all the rest for himself. He was very, very happy.

Later on in the afternoon I saw the old fella trying desperately to swing his head around to his rump and I saw a massive horse fly digging in for the feast. A couple of years ago Cuzco could have gotten it himself, but he just isn't flexible enough to reach his own back any more. I was in the middle of hitching up a horse trailer, and not wanting to leave a trailer half-hitched (this is how forgetful people like me have accidents), I hollered at Cuzco to come over and let me get it. He was only about 30 feet away, but he covered the distance pretty quick for an old guy! He screeched to a halt with his butt perfectly parked next to my slapping hand and I killed that nasty fly for him. He was grateful for the help and let me itch the spot for a few seconds to take the sting out, and then he walked off. Apparently he wasn't in the mood for lovin', but he's smart enough to know when he needs a helping hand.
Good for Cozco getting most of the popcorn .
Seeing as how he was cut out of His Normal Royal March in the Parade. Smile
By the Younger Upstarts.
We have the BIG Horse Fly's Around here too, We call them B-52's and it takes a 12 Gage Shotgun to kill them. !!!!
After you swatted the fly and Cuzco just walked off.
What else would you expect King Cozco to do, He requested a service from his Hand Maiden, it was preformed properly and the HE could get back to more important Royal duties. Smile

Happy Trails
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete,Sam and the Troops in SC
Once I hit one of those flies with my car on the highway. It wedged under my wiper blade and popped.... A stream of horse blood made it all the way to the top of my windshield. It was most satisfying.

I see one or two of those flies per year. One went after my Morgan horse, Libby, but didn't persist for some reason. I see welts on horses once in a while that have to be something other than a mosquito and I figure it was one of those guys. Horses need to evolve a symbiosis with small monkeys with big slapping hands or something.
It's been some time since Cuzco has made an appearance, so I'd better post a few glamorous photos I took of him the other day as we walked around our property. 

"Did I hear you have cookies??"

"I can even be goofy once in a while... if it means cookies!"

The poor fella has lost a lot of flesh in his old age, but I still admire his powerful shoulders and the length of his stride once he gets going. It takes him longer to get going these days and he certainly expends no extra energy, but he still loves a nice walk. 

King Cuzco. Need I say more? 
Ok, so I forgot to post this funny Cuzco story from last week. Phil and I went for an evening walk after we'd already put the goats to bed. We decided it was too much to take the whole herd, and they didn't want to come with us anyway except Cuzco and Finn. So we brought those two out and started down the driveway. About halfway down, Cuzco whipped round without warning and broadsided Finn. He spun Finn around 180 degrees then shoved him toward the goat pen. And that was the end of Finn's walk. We tried calling him to follow us but he would come no further. Finn stood in the driveway baa-aa-ing despondently until we were out of sight. Cuzco, on the other hand, could not have been more smug. He strutted for the rest of the walk, pleased to have Phil and I all to himself for once. Finn made his lonely way back to the goat pen where he waited sadly by the gate until we returned. We gave him some cookies as a consolation prize.

Normally I would not let one goat bully another out of a walk, but I sometimes feel that Cuzco needs these jubilant little triumphs lest he stop feeling relevant. And I know he misses the one-on-one time he took for granted during those years as an only goat. He spends much of his time growling at Phil and I with his hackles raised for one thing or another these days, but when he gets us to himself he's as sweet and loving as can be. I try to get him up on the porch from time to time so he can be alone with us, but he's had difficulty managing the stairs this summer. He needs one of those stairlift chairs. But despite being increasingly cranky and arthritic, he's never late for his grub! I recently got ahold of a huge jar of pecan brittle and woe to any goat but Cuzco who tries to touch it! A lack of teeth does not deter him from devouring it in enormous, crunchy mouthfuls. And with no teeth, I don't have to worry about giving him cavities. Wink
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