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Full Version: Cuzco's Glamour Shot o' the Day
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A few more pictures from yesterday's hike.

I get more impressed with this old goat every time we take him anywhere. He just loves getting out and going places, and I think he really enjoyed showing off his water and log crossing skills to Pac-Man. Pac-Man even learned some things about log crossing. Cuzco also set a good example of staying on the trail instead of cutting switchbacks. We were having problems with that when Pac-Man was in front, but once Cuzco took the lead, there was no more trail-cutting.

On the way home I was brave enough to let the boys stand loose in the truck bed. This is a skill that Cuzco has that I want Pac-Man to learn. They did great! Cuzco did not try to shove Pac-Man out of the truck. When Pac-Man was smaller I worried about this so I always tied everyone up.

This is how Cuzco likes to ride--with his head to the wind!
"I get more impressed with this old goat every time we take him anywhere."

So the first photo is of Phil and Cuzco. When I read your first sentence of the caption I had to laugh! Which "old goat" were you talking about?! Tongue

In the photo with Cuzco peeking over the truck bed enjoying the wind in his face the only thing missing is his set of motorcycle goggles! Big Grin

What a start to Pac-Man's hiking career. I'll bet he slept well after these experiences!Sure am glad you're ok and only got a bruise.

Love your stories and photos!
Great pic's! I would have loved to have been there for the water crossing. Our first went about the same. We kept on hiking out of sight like we read we were supposed to do, but it didn't worked. Force was our method as wellSmile
It's Rocky Mountain high around here lately! Cuzco is now addicted to smoking. We've had campfires three times this past week, and Cuzco has spent a good deal of time at each of them with his face buried in the smoke, inhaling deeply, sucking it in with his lips, and even lapping at it with his tongue! While the rest of us are shouting "White Rabbit" and shuffling our chairs around the ring to avoid the smoke, Cuzco keeps right in its path. Silly, chain smoking old goat! Good thing he didn't pick up this habit when he was young or I'd be worried about emphysema and lung cancer.

In other news, Lilly is starting to look ready. I'm pretty sure we could have babies tomorrow. Big Grin
And we have a new arrival! It's a bouncing baby boy! Eleven pounds! I can't believe our little Lilly delivered a baby this big (and it wasn't easy, she can tell ya!).

More details later, but here's a picture. Big Grin

Oh, he's so cute! Congrat'sSmile
What a great looking gosling. Looks like he has the ears you like and the wild colors too. And best of all, finally a boy!
Ah totally beautiful! Smile Grats!
It's not official yet (we like to think these things over for a day or two), but we're leaning toward naming this little guy "Huckleberry Finn".

My horses escaped today and Lilly went into labor while I was out looking for them. I got home with them about 20 minutes after her water broke, and Phil was about to call in reinforcements (we have a "goat mentor" who helps us during these type of emergencies), but I arrived in time. When I got there, I saw a bubble but no feet, and since she'd been at it for 20 minutes with no progress I knew it was time to intervene.

Phil and I dragged Lilly to her feet and got her out of the shed and onto the grass in the sunshine where we had more room to work and more light to see. The first thing I felt was a mouth with sharp teeth. Right below it were the hooves. He was in the correct position, but he was trying to come out all at once. I pushed his head back a bit and grabbed a hoof. Apparently our little guy didn't want to come out because as soon as I pulled his hoof he yanked it right back in.

By this time, poor Lilly was screaming her head off in pain while Phil held her head, braced her shoulder, and tried to comfort and encourage her. That head was huge and it didn't want to come out even with the feet where they belonged. But with a lot of yelling and pushing from Lilly and a lot of pulling from me and bracing from Phil, we got that kid out, and all the pain of delivery was forgotten in a moment.

He was a lively little sucker! We had him cleaned off and nursing in no time, and he was walking before we knew what happened. He weighed in at a good 11 lbs.! I didn't think our little Lilly-goat could deliver a baby that big. I told her she should have twins--they're usually a bit smaller. But does she listen to me? No! Of course not!

This is a special photograph. Look closely above Phil's head. The aliens are watching.
hehe that face! Smile
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