Snow Day!
We had another foot of snow last night and we plowed and shoveled it away just in time for it to start snowing again. I think we're supposed to get another foot tonight. Whew!


Pac-Man helped me haul water out to the boys' pen tonight. I loaded two buckets of hot water onto the sled and hitched Pac-Man to it. I steadied the buckets while Phil led the goat.

But before that, Pac-Man had a great time eating a pine tree...

... Until the pine tree dumped a load on his face!

Dang it!
Sputnik decided to get in on a little tree action too.

Finn tried to climb up and play "King of the Bank", but ended up just breaking a path through instead. I guess it wasn't all that packed.

Snickers likes snow days!

My horse trough is buried to the top...

...and our goat castle looks more like a Super Mario Bros. world with the way the snow has made mushrooms out of our spools.
I tried to get the boys to follow me out to the goat castle so we could knock the snow off. They got to the deep powder and this is as far as they ventured.

Jezebel and Delilah made it no further than the snowbank.

Pac-Man towers over Nubbin now. She was bigger than him this time last year, and they were such lovers back then. Pac-Man still likes Nubbin, but she got over him a long time ago.

"Gimme a kiss, baby!"

These two are buds.
I thought I would ride my bay horse, Skokie, around the property to break some paths out to my goat pens. We started out good, but then my gray horse, Jet, bolted out the gate and started going berserk. Skokie behaved himself for a while, but I could tell he was bursting to go play with Jet, so I got down and let them run together outside the pasture. I didn't manage to snap any jumping photos, but Jet was sailing over the four-foot banks that Phil pushed up along the edge of the driveway. They were both so beautiful!
Oh yuck! Looks beautiful but I think Ill just stick with the weather here thanks.
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale.

S.E. Washington (Benton City)
If I didn't like snow, I guess I'd move to Florida! Tongue
Loving all the snow day photos! It hasn't stopped snowing up here in Loveland since I arrived Tuesday. Luckily Coloradoans are prepared for this. Back home it would bring the entire area to a halt.
Goatberries Happen!
Those are some great photos!!! Need a like button for post.
Its funny you have so much snow. We got 1/4 inch of snow. I bet it would have been 2 inches if it wasn't so warm. And you get 2 feet.

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