Goat-O-Rama Kids of 2019
Jim went to work building a snowman and it wasn't long before he had help. 

Is there anything more fun than playing with baby goats?

Barbershop quartet?

Jim got Brownie to pose...

Thor didn't need any help posing! He volunteered to show off his best side!  

And his other side. 

And his wild side. 
Snowball and Yeti looked so similar it was hard to tell them apart for the first few weeks until Yeti's horns got big.

Yeti is probably our most outgoing kid this year. He's not quite as snuggly as Buster Brown, but he just loves to play with people! 

And he can strike a pose as well as Thor! 

Laughing baby goat! 

Leaping baby goat! Go Yeti! 

Snowball's ears give her away as the baby in this photo. Hers go out and down while Yeti's go out and up. 

"Up? Up?" 
Phil and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary this year and we discovered that the 20th anniversary is known as the "China Anniversary." Phil and I have hosted tons of theme parties over the years, but never a Chinese party, and this being the Chinese Year of the Pig, we went all-in on a big Chinese pig roast! You can see all kinds of photos of this wonderful event here, but here I'll post just one photo of me and Phil with the hog (which was incredibly delicious by the way!).  

We invited a lot of out-of-town guests for the event and these came over to our house afterwards to see our place and play with baby goats. We had nieces and nephews and all the kids that belong to our wonderful friends who came over from Lake City. 

The kids loved the kids and a great time was had by all. 

Amid the chaos, Tigerlily and Snowball share a sweet moment. (And you can also see why Tigerlily hates Yeti--He looks too much like her own precious darling!) 

A rain shower came down in the late afternoon and made our place look like paradise. It was a wonderful wrap-up to a wonderful day. 
We had some lovely walks with my in-laws while they were here. The weather turned from snow to sunshine, and the grass was so, so green! Finn is such a buddy! "Pet me please, Lois!" 

Buster Brown is one of the sweetest babies we've ever had. All has to do is look at me and my heart melts. I don't know--I may have to keep this guy.  

The evening light was magical when we walked down to visit Jet’s grave. Phil and I have a tradition of stopping by there each day when we take our walk and placing a stone or two apiece. It should be completely covered in beautiful rocks by the end of summer. 




At two weeks, the kids were just getting nimble enough to jump onto this big rock which Phil and I like to call “The Baby Goat Rock.” 

They also discovered this wonderful fallen log!

Jim loves to entertain baby goats and they do find him very entertaining!
May 15th was a beautiful day and the kids arrayed themselves on the back stairs in the afternoon sunshine.

But they were eager to leave their basking to go for a walk!

New life plays in the place where Jet’s memories are buried. His grave is mostly covered with rocks now. I expect we will finish right about the anniversary of his death. 

The lightning-struck tree appears to be doing well. It bears a long scar from top to bottom. I hope it lives on for many more years to tell its story. 


The gravel pit at the other end of our property is also a fun place to play! Take a close look at flying baby Brownie. Wheeee!!!

At two weeks, brownie’s horns were just starting to show. He’s a beautiful baby and loves to snuggle. I think this one prefers the company of people to other goats. When we walk, he stays close to me or Phil even when the other goats run off. We had our house re-roofed near the end of May and the crew kept laughing and telling us stories about Brownie following them everywhere.  

Laugh it up, Cupcake!

Two handsome boys!
The babies love the fallen logs near the end of our daily walk. Snowball is so soft and white and fluffy we call her our little "angel goat." Her hair is so fine it's like dandelion fluff. 

Cupcake on a stump.

Thor on a log. 

Thor's other side on a log. (Love the polka-dot!)

Thor and Yet on a log. 

Cupcake's log! 

Mocha and Snowball take a brief nap together. 
Love all the pictures, thanks for sharing
My gosh, I really slacked on this thread! I have photos from when the kids are older, but I only posted them to my blog and not here. Shame on me!

We said goodbye to Yeti and Thor today. They went to their new home in Cheyenne, WY this morning. We will miss them very much, but I can tell they are going to a great home. I knew it was perfect when we adults came out from signing papers and the teenage son was sitting down with Yeti sprawled on his lap and Thor curled up next to him. These guys will be very well loved. We weight taped them at around 75 lbs. each before loading them in the car. No wonder TinCup has been looking run down lately! She and Mocha will miss them, but it will be very good for TinCup not to be feeding these big, strapping boys any more, and it will also be good for Mocha to have sole access to the milk bar. The little gal was born much smaller than her brothers and scrappy as she is, she's never been able to catch up in size. She's significantly smaller than our other girls, Cupcake and Snowball, neither of whom has had to compete for milk. It sure makes a difference!
Early in July, Phil and I took Finn, Sputnik, and Buster Brown for a picnic hike up the Greenhorn Trail. Buster loved hiking with the "big boys" and dove right into the adventure!  

Buster Brown wasn't too sure about the water, but the big boys did it so he had to go too!

I hate it when they look over the edge like this! 

There were lots of fun boulders to climb on at the spot where we took our lunch. 


Hmm... ants.
A couple of weeks later, Phil and I took Yeti and Thor on the Greenhorn Trail. 

Thor darkened and became very photogenic over the summer. He sure is a flashy boy! 

Yeti is the clown and the attention hog of the two. He's always looking for some kind of mischief or adventure. 

He's always looking for a lap to climb on too! To Yeti, an open lap is an open invitation.  

Now this is a puzzling predicament! 

"Be brave, Yeti!"

Thor would rather be beautiful than brave. 

A leash provides the needed encouragement.

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