Goat-O-Rama Kids of 2019
We're getting ready...!!! 

Petunia looks like a watermelon with legs and when we thump her she feels like one too. I've felt some lively little babies in there on both sides! I wonder how many? I'm going to guess two because that's her usual and that's how many I prefer. She is due the 25th.  

TinCup is more deep than wide so her belly is a lot closer to the ground than it used to be. I've felts some real buckaroos on both sides of her too! I'm going to guess two kids with her as well. She is due the 26th. 

Tigerlily is showing but she looks more "fat" than expecting. This is normal for her. I have a hard time catching her to feel for kids (she does NOT like being squeezed!), and I've only felt a couple of little flutters from time to time. But she looks healthy and strong and I'm sure the baby is too. I'm going to guess just one again for her. This time it had better come out on time and in the right position! She is due the 27th.  

Keeping my fingers crossed for a buck year!!!
I cant wait to see the baby pictures! Especially since I don't have any does kidding this year.
Happiness is a working goat
No babies yet, but our mamas are looking fat! Petunia looks downright huge lately. This is not a great angle for seeing it, but from the top this gal looks like a basketball with legs. 

TinCup is also looking quite rotund. She's due last but she looks like she may kid first.

Tigerlily, as always, barely looks pregnant at all. This gal sure knows how to maintain her figure! She's not uddering up yet either, which makes her look miles away from kidding even though she's due only one day after Petunia. Our official due dates are Petunia: Thursday, Tigerlily: Friday, TinCup: Saturday. 

We've had some fun weather lately. The day after we got back from Texas we were greeted by a morning rainstorm with a rare west-side rainbow. 

Three days later we were treated to this fairytale spectacle. 

Hopefully we'll have warm, sunny weather for kidding though!
Well, Petunia is on kidding watch! Her ligaments went from firm to mushy in just a few hours tonight and her udder is suddenly growing very quickly. She was separating herself from the other goats when I went in to check on her. I don't *think* she'll kid until tomorrow, but I'm locking her in the shed with the camera tonight just in case. Fingers crossed she holds out till tomorrow because the forecast is warm and sunny.

Petunia kidded adorable buck and doe kids today! Photos coming tomorrow!
Great hope all is well with the 3 of them.
Well, the kids are doing great but Petunia crashed hard core today. I found her so sick she could hardly stand this morning. I had to drag her back to the shed where she lay with her head down all day. She had terrible, raspy breathing so I thought it was pneumonia and treated for that, but it turned out to be milk fever, which is a severe and sudden calcium deficiency. We're not sure if it was caused by too little calcium in her diet or too much because both can cause this problem. Anyway, I thought we were going to lose her all day. She was too sick to transport to the vet in Pueblo, and the only mobile vet in our area right now takes Thursdays off completely. I had to wait until my neighbor vet got home from her job at the zoo. We spent a couple of hours pumping IV fluids and calcium into Petunia's veins. She's perked up since earlier but she's not out of the woods yet. I have to administer more calcium at midnight. The raspy breathing was pulmonary edema caused by an extremely low heart rate. Poor little gal! She was looking so sleek and healthy just before she kidded.

Besides that, I'm happy to report the kids are thriving. They're taking their bottles like champs and they're full of bounce and energy. They're living in a makeshift pen in our basement for now since their mama is too sick to care for them and I'm afraid if she tries to get up she may fall on them and be unable to get off. She's very weak right now and a little loopy.
Holy cow! Nanno, you have had some bad luck. And its always something different with those girly goats! Anyhow, I salute your efforts. You did what had to be done while everything worked against you. Isn't it always the case that when you need a vet they're on vacation, or its night, or the weekend, or freakin' Christmas eve?
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!
Good heavens she sure gave it all she had to make those babies. What weird turn of events. I really hope she makes it today and feels better.
Sending positive vibes to Petunia! +++++ ❤️ +++++

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