New goat packer in central Colorado
I am new to goat packing.  Starting from scratch with 4 little bottle  babies.   They are: 
Telluride born March 18th.  He is a Saanen (mom is a sable hence the color).    The only thing he got from his father (225 Lbs at age 3) is that snow patch.  He is a very agile climber and apparent alpha of the herd.

Durango born March 30th.  He is a Nubian/Toggenburg cross.  We bought him from a ranch in Peyton CO that had pure Toggenburgs'  but this little guy crawled in our laps and made my wife and daughter melt.  He is the most affectionate animal I've ever met.  In true Nubian fashion, if you leave his sight, he cries like a child.

The Twins, Silverton and Ophir (facing camera) are Alpines born on April 2nd.  They came to us at 6 weeks of age so they have not had the time to bond with us like the older two.  They are friendly and very curious.

I am busy leash training, getting them used to the new electric fence and just having a blast spending as much time as I can with them.  Looking forward to learning as much as I can on this forum.
Mike, Florissant CO

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