Cuzco's Glamour Shot o' the Day
What do you do with a goat that comes home from a romantic interlude with a hot-smellin' buck in the dead of winter?

Why, take her into your house for a bath in your claw-foot tub, of course!

You can do this, Lilly! Upsa-daisy! (You'd have no problem getting in if your boyfriend was in the tub!)

Please don't wash away my beautiful perfume!

Be thankful the water is warm, goat!

LOL now a nice cup of coco and a movie before going back out into the cold would make for a perfect afternoon Smile
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It was the perfect afternoon. Sadly, there was no movie or cocoa involved, but then, who needs movies and cocoa when you have a toasty warm goat curled up next do you on the couch?
Spoiled rotten, my boys better never catch wind of thisSmile Smile
When it rains, it POURS! It has been WAY the heck too exciting around here these past couple of weeks, and here is the latest bit of drama:

Everybody look out! Pac-Man is here!


We found this little guy on Craigslist yesterday. We were looking for Alpine does (we still miss Nibbles and want more babies next summer Sad) but we found this fella instead, and he's gonna help us get more babies!

He's a nine-month-old 3/4 Nubian, 1/4 Alpine buckling, and he reminded me way too much of Cuzco to pass up. He's as sweet as he can be, and he's the perfect size to breed Nubbin and Petunia. He's about two months older than them but is about the same size. I'm attributing a lot of that to the fact that he was bottle raised, as opposed to our spoiled little brats who were dam raised and allowed to nurse for five months. Pac-Man's got nice enough conformation that I feel good breeding him to my little gals, and when he's done with that job we're going to wether him so he can grow up to be our next hiking buddy and cart puller. Hopefully he agrees with our plan for his life. Smile

Pac-Man is very sweet-natured, but a little shy right now. Apparently he was a huge lap baby until puberty hit, and then suddenly he got thrown into the rough-and-tumble world of the buck pen where he was the low man on the totem pole. It made him wary of attention, probably because he got pummeled every time he tried to take center stage. But he's not skittish or unfriendly--it's like he really wants to come up to us, but he's looking over his shoulder the whole time, and he doesn't want to be caught or restrained. He loves treats, however, so it shouldn't take long to remind him that people are wonderful creatures.
He's so cute! Love those earsSmile
He does bare a resemblance to Cuzco! I'm looking forward to seeing photos of him in the daylight.
Goatberries Happen!
Great to hear! Smile I dont wanna assume anything but would like to reiterate that breeding size is minimum 80 lbs but 100 lbs would be a better goal for the Does. Again, have no idea if you are thinking of breeding this year just wanted to give some helpful info.
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Yeah, I'm planning to breed this year to the new buck we just bought so long as his CAE test comes back negative. I was originally going to leave the girls dry since they were such late babies, but they grew a LOT more than I anticipated. Petunia is already almost as big as Lilly, and while Nubbin is slightly shorter, I think she might weigh more. They're a couple of little monsters and my friends are jealous! They're much bigger than Lilly and Nibbles were last year when I got them bred, and I think they're easily pushing 100 lbs even though they're still not quite seven months old. They're quite a bit bigger than the buckling I just bought! He's two months older and may be slightly taller, but when it comes to sheer bulk, my doelings probably weigh half again what he does. I was just able to lift Pac-Man into the truck today, but I haven't been able to lift Nubbin or Petunia since October. My girls don't look fat and Pac-Man doesn't look thin, but there's a huge difference in bone and muscle. I think Pac-Man will catch up in a few months once he's wethered. He's been loaned out as a breeding buck since fall, so I think his growth fell behind while he was "working out." Wink

Since Lilly is bred and both the younger girls went out of heat about two days ago, I let Pac-Man mingle with the other goats for a few hours today while I worked on he and Cuzco's new enclosure. Hopefully they'll make good roommates for a a month or so until Pac-Man is wethered and safe around the ladies. I don't want him breeding any of my does unsupervised since I want to keep track of kidding dates. But today I knew they were safe, so I let everyone play under supervision. Pac-Man, of course, knows he's the stud, and the first thing he did after knocking Daisy off her feet was to engage Cuzco in a full frontal assault. It wasn't a very well-thought-out plan, and Cuzco quickly flattened Pac-Man and smeared him across the driveway. He tried a couple more times with the same result, and decided he'd better quit before the ladies noticed the embarrassing display. None of them wanted anything to do with the stinky little menace, and since all of them are bigger than him, he ended up sulking in a corner by himself while everyone else puttered around the yard. He tried going after the dog again while she ate her breakfast, but this time she snapped at him (first time I've seen Daisy be aggressive with a goat) and he had to back off. After sulking by himself for a while longer, he readjusted his attitude and happily resigned himself to bottom of the pecking order so he could browse contentedly with the rest of the goats. They accepted him very readily once he stopped picking fights and chasing skirts.
Meet Pac-Man!

He thinks he's a real tough guy.

Cuzco thinks he's an idiot. (I'm inclined to agree.)

I wonder why Daisy snapped at Pac-Man yesterday?

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