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Full Version: 2014 NAPgA Rendy
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(01-22-2014, 06:19 PM)joecool911 Wrote: [ -> ]Keep them horned goats away from mine. Like taking a knife to a gun fight.

HA! Lilly's lack of horns didn't stop her from taking on the biggest, baddest horned goats at the Rendy last year! Lilly thought that when they said, "Biggest rack wins," they meant udders.
^^^ LOL
Any special medical precautions needed for the Rendy for the goats? I'm in state, so I don't suppose a health certificate is needed. Any further info on location, etc .?
Here's what I got. It will be at the Ogden Group camp in the Paulinas. I sent Larry a google map to post on the NAPgA site but all you need to do is put in Ogden Group Camp, Deschutes National Forest in google maps and it should lead you right there. The only health concern I am aware of and it's actually more of an annoyance, is mosquitoes. Depending on our spring that might be a mute issue. Poisonous plants along trails would mainly be lupines. I'm still researching that. Camp will open Thursday, June 26, at 4, and we need to be out by Monday, June 30, at noon. Saturday night will be a Tex-Mex potluck and my business will provide margueritas. A speaker on Saturday will be a central Oregon vet who specializes in goats, speaking about back country first aid for goats. I'm still waiting on a reply from a navigation expert to talk about back country navigation.
There's probably more but for this particular moment that's what I know. More to come.
Sounds great! Good trails right out if camp or shuttle to nearby trails?
There is one trail out of camp that goes up Paulina creek to the lakes in Newberry crater that is approximately 8.5 miles. There are numerous waterfalls along the way and wading pools. Twenty minutes up the road from camp there are many trails, some going around the rim of the crater, around Paulina Lake and East Lake, a shorter but steep trail to the top of Paulina Peak where you can see the whole span of the Cascades including Mt. Bachelor, the Three Sisters, Mt Jefferson, Mt Hood and others. There is a trail that goes through an obsidian flow and leads to a ridge overlooking both lakes and if you are in the right spot you can also see Ft. Rock out on the desert. There are also numerous dirt roads that leads to some of the smaller buttes. There is a small lodge and store at Paulina Lake where there are treats or lunch if you want.

Miles and miles of trails and roads-plenty to do!

Here are a few pics of some of the area and a general map of trails in the area.[attachment=240][attachment=241][attachment=242][attachment=243][attachment=244]

Peter Skene Ogden trail is the trailhead in camp.
So, I'm not a member yet. How does this work? Pay campground fee? Members only? I've been wanting to join anyway. Not sure I'll have panniers by then. But should have saddles at least. Maybe they can carry my diet pepsi.

Is there any risk to catching a disease for the goats with all that socialization going on? Sounds like a blast, even if my hip is not replaced yet. Can measure up my dairy bred goats with designer packgoats. One of my boys should measure up pretty good. I was expecting my full Alpine to be the biggest. But my LaMancha X Alpine is a few inches taller. He's always had more gumption too.
I would think every one would only bring disease free animals. My herd is clean and I'd bet everyone else's is too. I'm waiting on my membership to be processed so I can get full access to the site too.
Charlene I want to thank you for stepping foreward and taking on the 2014 NAPgA Rendy. The area you've choosen sounds "Great". I also would like to thank the individual in SE Washington who also offered to host this years Rendy. Thank you.

Again, Paradise Ranch Packgoats will bring an assortment of purposely breed Packgoat kids to the Rendezvous to be auctioned off with "ALL" the proceeds going to NAPgA. These Kids are not culls or second choices, but the "Cream of the Crop". Ask Larry Robinson about the two he has. Carolyn Eddy bought two at the Washington Rendy, Clay Zimmerman bought four last year, Kent Daniel & Charlie Horse each bought one as have several others. We sold four to Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus last Oct. If you are looking for the "Good Stuff", this is it ! We have been breeding Packgoats purposely for 16 years using the top genetic in this country. We have 7 different breeds and over a half dozen hybrids. Our tallest at present is over 41" at the withers and a little short of 300 lbs.

So if you are looking for the the "Good Stuff" and would like to help NAPgA fight for "YOUR" right to take your packgoats where you wish, then here you go, "ALL" the proceeds from "ALL" the packgoat sales from Paradise Ranch Packgoats goes directly to NAPgA. We will also deliver pre-sold kids to the Rendy. All kids brought to the Rendy for the Auction will Have horns. If you want one disbudded that must be done at an early age and should be prearranged well in advance. Paradise Ranch's "All Wether Marching Band" is an all horn group.

Place your order or take your chances at the auction, but remember your dollars invested will give you years of happiness and help NAPgA stand up for "YOUR" rights !

Next, Why are some of you not members of NAPgA ?
Support the "ONLY" orginization that is supporting GOATPACKING, NAPgA, join today ! Step up to the plate, take a swing !

Why are we all on this forum ? ( Nanno & Phil, Thank You so much )
It's several reasons, but the biggest one is to gather more knowledge about our beloved packgoats. And we know anyone can post an opinon on a forum. So not all views are factual, some are quite far from it. So thats why we have "GOAT TRACKS" magazine. If you're looking to gain knowlege about Goatpacking with a far higher persentage of factual information, then you really need to support the only Goatpacking magezine there is . If you havn't already subscribed, do it now, you will not be sorry !

Enough of my Ramblings, I hope to see many new faces at this years Rendezvous, it will be a gorgeous drive from Kansas.

Dwite & Mary Sharp
Paradise Ranch Packgoats
Looks awesome! I really wish we could go!
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