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Full Version: 2014 NAPgA Rendy
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You know, Dave, we just might need a tick inspector. It would include male and female though.
Will there be room for travel trailers?
(01-18-2014, 07:37 PM)Nanno Wrote: [ -> ]I wish I could make it. Probably a bit far for us, though.

No, say it ain't so! Wanted to meet Cusco and his keepers.
(01-18-2014, 09:07 PM)deschutes dawn Wrote: [ -> ]If you happen to win the lottery between now and then I think you would love the area. Next year maybe?

Heh! Well if I played the lottery I *might* have a better chance. Although I hear you have just as good chance of winning the lotto if you don't play as if you do.

More than the money it's the time it would take to get there and the fact that such long trips are hard on Cuzco at his age. He refuses to lay down while traveling, and even a one-day trip takes its toll nowadays. Maybe if I got him a mattress to lay down on...
Charlene has to answer the question about Trvl Trlrs, but we've always had room for RVs before.
There should be plenty of room. It has room for 150 people and the area can hold up to 40' rigs. There used to be endurance rides held from both areas in this spot and our set-ups aren't exactly small. Memorial weekend the archery club I belong to has a huge 3-D shoot with close to 300 people and just about everyone camps in one way or another. I'm waiting on an answer from FS about goats there, then proceed from there.
How many days does this event generally encompass?
4 or 5 days I think. Though you are welcome to come when you can. I showed up friday evening in 2012 and left sunday morning.
I reserved the camp for Thursday, June 26, site opens @ 4 pm, and we have it thru Monday, June 30, needing to be out by noon. Plenty of goat water but people water will need to be brought or, if I need to bring it, I can get that arranged. If you wish to check it out, it is the Deschutes Nat'l Forest Ogden Group camp loop B. Goats were OK in that site but the reaction I got from the official I talked with was classic. "You have what? Uhh, what do you do with them? They DO that?"
I will have firewood available there, possibly donated, and certified weed free hay for purchase by the bale. Vendors can present items for sale but will either need to take orders or go off the property to sell. I'm sure something can be worked out for that.
One more thought-my business will provide margueritas on Saturday night for a Tex-Mex potluck if that sounds like something everyone would go for.
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