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Full Version: 2014 NAPgA Rendy
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Anyone have an idea yet how many are coming and how many goats will be there? Just curious.
The 2012 rendy I went to saw I would guess 30-40 different vehicles and maybe 50 or 60 goaties Smile
That's a question I had too. I would know how to plan out a couple things with a rough idea. That helps. Thanks Dave. Oh BTW, I think I will be going to Wasco the last Saturday of March.
Sounds good Smile
Its shaping up well then. Any vendors who have announced that they are coming?

Rex has got some items that I want to see up close and personal as well as a couple others whose ads that I see in Goat Tracks.

I amnot going to be bringing the wagon, just a crammed van, my stuff, cot and bag, two goats and a puppy. Hopefully will have the awning installed on the side to get us all out into the air.Maybe next year I will be organized enough to bring the wagon.
Thank you! I will check it out in between kiddings today!
If I have room, I was thinking about bringing a few prospects along to see if I cant get a few sales just on cuteness alone Tongue But that would cut into my fishing and hiking time... Smile
That's just cruel!! I want some more babies so bad, but no more roomSad
*waves hand, "these are the goats you're looking for" Smile
Dave a couple more wont take much more time. Will these be intact or castrated? How big are your breeding bucks?
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