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Full Version: 2014 NAPgA Rendy
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At this point I haven't heard anything. I have found a great spot that is open at the end of June. As soon as I hear from Larry then I can either move forward with securing the spot or not. The trails in the Paulinas will be open then and lots of places to go close by.
Just got word today the NAPgA rendezvous will be in the Bend area. I hope to set up for the last weekend in June. That way if anyone wanted to stay through 4th of July they could explore the trails in the Cascades or Ochocos.
Well not a terrible drive from here Smile 250 miles. When you get the dates nailed down please post em so anyone who needs to can request that time off. Thanks!
That's great! Close enough that we can come if the dates work out. HopefullySmile
I wish I could make it. Probably a bit far for us, though.
Nanno, so sorry! I would really love to meet you and the goatie gang! If you happen to win the lottery between now and then I think you would love the area. Next year maybe?
I'll be there. Probably never be closer to home. Most excellent!
I have ideas for speakers for a couple times. One, a search and rescue specialist that I have taken classes for back country navigation to talk about getting around safely in new country and getting back again. Second, my fabulous vet, to talk about back country first aid for goats. If we need another I could round up someone to talk about back country first aid for people.
I have my CPR card so if anyone needs mouth to mouth, Im your man Smile
Oooooh!!!! If it IS in the end of June I can probably go!!! Oh please? It would be so nice to actually meet some of you and you goats in person! And who wants my packers for the rest of the summer while I'm in Mongolia? Wink
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