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Full Version: 2014 NAPgA Rendy
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Ill take first place for the most....... cranky goat! Smile

I let Legion and Lincoln out to roam the "pasture" all on their own today and boy did they need it! Running, jumping butting and playing like kids. Legion has been moody lately and last night he snapped the chain that locked their gate, knocked over the wheel barrow that was full of hay and then ran around taunting me Smile Lincoln wast sure what was going on but the whole running around part seemed like a good idea! Thank the good Lord they are addicted to grain or I woulda been out there all night.
(02-22-2014, 12:44 PM)joecool911 Wrote: [ -> ]Good thing Cuzco won't be there, cuz now my boys will be the most amazing goats there.

Wish there were more discussion about the Rendy. I'm kinda wondering what kind of activities there will be? Is this the main forum that attendees are using or are there a lot of people coming that don't post here?
I agree, I'm still trying to decide which goats to bring, if any. I want to make sure they will be tired and pooped at the end of the day so they won't cause to much troubleRolleyes Checked with the vet and health cert's will cost $135.50 for all 4 boys and another $189 for all to get michrochips. That means $325 just to bring themDodgy Not sure it will be worth it. I would like to come just to meet everyone, gain knowledge, and support the NAPga. How many people come without their goats? If there will be a lot of demo and stuff that don't involve the goats they may stay home and save me some cash. Or, maybe I'll just bring a few of the younger boys.
Microchips? Why?
Does Oregon have requirements for health cert? I can go to Washington for like 72 hours without. If Mexicans can cross our border without microchips, why not goats?
The Rendy is what we make of it. Historically we had a service projects like land improvement. This area we are going to will be good for hiking. With luck we will have some trail veteran goats and goat handlers attending these hikes. It allows new goat owner to see how people handle their animals and see different gear and supplies we carry. The service projects served the same purpose, we all got together and worked on some thing that involved using our goats. Again these projects allowed an opportunity for everyone to see how our goats worked. We all learned from each other. I have not heard if Carolyn Eddie is coming. She wrote the book on goat first aid and she has for years graciously offered to teach us the basics. So we need to come up with a list of desired subjects to have taught, discussed, or demonstrated, (hopefully we don't do the castration demonstration again, yuck! However, I can always go for a walk.) Then we need to find willing volunteers to teach. This thread is 11 pages long. It did start out with a number of events suggested.

Regarding the microchips. I brought my goats to the dog vet, it was cheep that way. It has been accepted as permanent ID in several states. I do not have look at ear tags and did not have to tattoo my black eared Oberhasli goats. My mobile goat vet ran the device that reads the tags over my boys and their number comes right up. She has micro chipped her mules and horses.
Did some surfing on ODA. Says that health certs may be required for even Oregon resident goats at group events. Oh great. Think I'll play dumb.
Sounds too expensive for me... I've traveled and hiked the last two years in Oregon with my goats with no health certificate, no id (name tags on collar), nothing. I guess an event would draw attention could bring in an overbearing ranger or something. Still, how many people camp with their horses and have all of this stuff? My niece goes group camping with her 4-h horse in Oregon, and other than the weed-free hay I've never heard of any requirements like this. If it's all going to be this complicated I may just have to not go.
Don't let the government squash your plans. There are probably no better cared for goats than our packers. We should get a waiver.
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