Better late than never right?

.jpg   goats2.jpg (Size: 181.78 KB / Downloads: 83) Well that's what I think anyway...

Another Washington pack goat person, I have had my 2 Oberhaslis now for 1 year and after some trial and error last year I am very anxious to get some Hiking and Hunting done this year with the boys!

There is also some trial and error going on with me figuring out how to post pictures...

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Wow great pics!
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S.E. Washington (Benton City)
I love pics like this. Great country, tents, and goats! Beautiful!!
Welcome. Awesome pics, great to have a another hunter onboard. Can't wait to see more of your adventures here!
Where did you get your beautiful ober boys?
You are right about better late than never. Those pic are great.
Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing!
Nice pics, love them
Thanks everyone!, I'll see if I can dig up some more from last year.

I got them off a fellow on Hunt-Washington forum, and I think he got them from the lady at Edelwiess acres?

I Honestly can't wait for early archery and the high buck hunts! got afew scouting trips planned for July and August along with the goats as well and being as photo-genic as they are there will be lots of pictures. September is going to be crazy busy with work, hunting and although its still not nailed down as far as a date goes the addition of my Partner and I's first child, 2015 is going to be interesting!

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That's a calender shot.
LOL GPW. I know that forum. I started a chit storm on a threat about trail cams. Everyone was crying about getting their trail cams stolen. Most on public lands. Which IMO if you put a trail cam on public land you are just asking for it to get stolen. So I thought it would be funny to post a I did it and if you dont like it tough kinda post. Even though it was pretty obvious a farce post, no one got it and man its funny how people reacted. Got people threatening to steal my truck, shoot me, wanting to know where I hunt so they could take my trail cam. Which if funny cause I only hunt harvested wheat fields and dry grass lands both of which are on rolling hills. Where there is literally no where to put a trail cam unless you dropped it on the ground and hoped something stepped over the top of it Smile There were a couple of people who saw the irony of it and posted but they quickly got bashed on and left. Me, as many people can testify to, kinda enjoy a good back and forth over the internet. Currently am doing it with wolf extremists. Now those people are fun if not a little scary. You say one truthful fact about wolves that puts wolves in a bad spot light or talk about predator management and they are all for wanting you dead. They dont even make sense in their arguments and have a unique ability to totally disregard the facts, but they sure are entertaining Smile

Absolutely beautiful pictures by the way. Looks like some great hunting area.
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale.

S.E. Washington (Benton City)

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