Intro. from Monroe Utah
well just introducing self.  many years past, I visited this place. and had some rescued goats. 9 in all, sadly we sold them off, asap due to son with cancer issues, long fight, was not able to care for them during this time.
yesterday I bought 4 youngsters who were ready to leave their mommas. From my son in laws aunt who raised goats in our area.
These 4, 2 sets of brothers, seem to have great potential. are Healthy, and seller will work with me on their shot needs, weathering etc. Good gal.
so the journey begins again. long time ahead for training etc.  look forward to the years ahead when they can start packing. until then, I hope to at least do some leading hikes locally this summer. 

Still have the gear from years back, a mixture, but NWPG gear as well, so in the years to come will need to upgrade for mtn. style strappings.  but we have time for that.

living in monroe utah usa.
Welcome! That's not too far from Herb (a.k.a "Charlie Horse"). He's in Ferron. My husband and I bring our goats out to Utah almost every year and we often hike with Herb. Maybe one day you could join us!
Hey from Ferron! We have a few pack goat folks in the area. Welcome. I've got 10 goats-- Some 2 year olds, the rest are a range of ages. I hike a lot, but mostly day hikes doing photography in the San Rafael area.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!

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