Goatorama kids of 2014
awesome picture Smile
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We took all the goats with us for a little walk around our property today and they had an awesome time! The mamas liked getting out for some new scenery and the babies had a great time bouncing from place to place and exploring. They found new rocks to play on and new kinds of plants to taste. The little guys can't quite jump on the big rocks yet, but they get lots of points for effort! Finn is really enjoying his new playmates. He's the boss, no doubt, but he's not rough with them. And since they outnumber him two to one, it's a fairly even match if the little ones work together. Finn pushed Sputnik off a boulder and Sputnik jumped back up and pushed Finn off with Snickers' help. They're so fun to watch it's no wonder I never get any work done around this place! Of course I forgot the camera today. I have photos from last week, but none that are recent. I'll have to work on that. My nephews are coming to visit tomorrow so I should be able to get some fun "kids playing with kids" pictures then. Big Grin
Your goats are so lucky. Smile
Goatberries Happen!
I've got lots of pictures and a ton of stuff has happened in the last three weeks, so I've got a bit of catching up to do! These photos were taken on Snickers' and Sputnik's first day in the Wide World.

Huckleberry Finn was scared of the new babies at first, and both Petunia and Lilly kept him away from them, but a youngster’s curiosity is insatiable. It wasn’t long before he was sneaking over to investigate these new little creatures.

Unfortunately, they were kind of boring. When they weren’t laying down they were toddling slowly around on shaky legs. No running or jumping or doing “goat” things.

“Hi little guy. Will you play with me?”

Later that evening, the babies were curled up together in the corner of the retaining wall behind the house. Finn wanted to interact with them but he was still afraid to touch. Petunia and Lilly had chased him away from them several times earlier. But mama and grandma were off grazing. The babies were tucked away out of parental view. I watched the drama unfold as I quietly milked Nubbin on the back patio.

Finn glanced at the babies, then glanced at the mamas, then casually began bouncing off the far end of the retaining wall like it was a backboard. He bounced a few times, casting sideways glances at the sleeping kids. He paused, looked nonchalantly over his shoulder at mama, then resumed his bouncing. Closer and closer he bounced with deliberate indifference, keeping one eye on the object of his curiosity and pausing from time to time to check for moms. Before long, Finn’s playing “unintentionally” brought him right next to the twins. Mamas still weren’t looking, but the babies stubbornly refused to acknowledge Finn’s presence. So with a final overtly casual jump, Finn “accidentally” landed squarely on top of the babies heads!

The kids let out a squawk and immediately began crying for mama. Finn leaped away from them and bolted about ten feet before skidding to a halt and strolling casually away from the scene of the crime. I don’t think a goat can put his hands in his pockets and walk away whistling, but Finn came about as close as he could get!
My mom, my sister-in-law Jill, and her kids (my niece and nephews) came to visit on Jill's birthday. They wanted to see the baby goats while they were still little.

Snickers was the calmest so he got held and cuddled the most. My mom helped Robert hold Snickers on his lap.

Robert tries to engage Finn in conversation, but Finn has the attention span of a typical kid. Lilly seems casually interested though.

Jill poses for a portrait.

Finn enjoyed showing off his wall-walking prowess for my relatives.
Near the end of June we took the goats for a walk around our property. Up to now, we've been calling our goats a "herdlet". But I think they've grown beyond herdlet status at this point. With eight goats, it's now a bona fide herd.

We're all ears!

Snickers and Sputnik learned to play "King of the Hill".

Lilly's progeny. Aren't they a colorful crew? They aren't posing very nicely but they're all here: Lilly the matriarch, her daughter Petunia, her son Huckleberry Finn, and her grandsons Snickers and Sputnik.
Aww,so cute!! Smile Nice Pics!!
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Awww... Babies. I miss baby goats; haven't had any for three years now. (That's definitely changing by the way) You have a fantastic herd Nanno, I don't think I've ever seen so many colors. (To be fair; that's not saying much, because most of my Alpines were medium chamoisee) Your goats are very lucky indeed!
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Thanks! We love our "goats of many colors". Big Grin
I love the all ears photo!

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