What did you do today?
Hello Nanno and all
How many of you are getting hit by the Storm that Shut Down Denver Airport?
Keep Safe
We got only a little drifting of wet snow yesterday. Just enough to dampen the ground and make the day cold. Our big storm is supposed to hit Saturday and I hope they're right and we get a lot of snow. We could sure use it about now! Although I have to object somewhat to the timing. Saturday there was supposed to be a community Easter egg hunt and we were going to come down there with our goats and the cart and give rides to the kids like we did last year. But the egg hunt's been cancelled due to the weather forecast.
Hello Nanno
RE: Cart rides and Easter Egg Hunt.
Use "White Eggs" Smile Yes, I am kidding about that.
RE: Cart Rides: I have had occasion to put Runners on my carts for snow work.
It was not a big deal, but then again I am also a welder and metal fabricator and had draft horse power.
Put the wheels back on in the spring.
Make sure you have good britching.
Moving On: Saturday here is supposed to be 60 ish and dry, rain moving in for Easter Sunday.
Hope , to do a walkabout in Paris Mountain State park with the boy's.
Depending on trail conditions 3-5 miles RT from trail head. Just a training and conditioning walk.
I have confirmation from PrepperCamp.com that Pack Goats are to be on the schedule.
If anyone here in the east wants to help out get a hold of me.
Hopefully I'll have Pete and Sam ready to do a "Public" display with "Right" equipment.
Otherwise I'll reverse engineer something from online.  I do know about frame-less horse saddles, worked with them.
Right now I want a "Kit" Sawbuck saddle and trash can panniers for Pete.
Sam will only be a year and a half old in September, Don't expect him to pack but he is a good suck up to the public.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam
Hello All
Look at my post in the "Truck Chasing Goats" thread from today.
Happy Easter
hihobaron Pete and Sam

Going to throw a picture of goat paracord collar on this thread, in response to the drawing thread. I don't want to enter the drawing and I know Hiho will see this Smile

Thanks for the picture. Smile
Any idea how much para-cord is used to make one about 30 inches long???
I have about 1000 feet of it on hand and have done macroma (sp) to make horse halters and bridals.
Figured I can make some goat collars for my boy's as Trail gear. Smile
I'll keep them in my normal reflective biothain security collars but their "Trail" Gear will include along with my gear they will have their own supply of para-cord.
Were can I get good goat bells?
Here is a good one for ya'll to think about.
The way Sam's "Scurs" are growing "Flat and back along his neck" Not digging in.
I am thinking about a temporary zip tie mount for a go-pro camera for a "Goats Eye" view of things. Smile
Anyone tried that kind of project?
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam
It was a sunny 68* day here today.  I took the goats to the tree row for some browsing.  Parts of the tree row are bare dirt under the trees and parts of it have ryegrass growing among the trees.  The goats munched on tree shoots, enjoyed mouthfuls of the ryegrass and the boys loved rubbing their heads on and butting the shrubby growth.  A good time was had by all.........


Morgan and Kahlua.

Camouflaged Kahlua.

Sugar, Kahlua and Bourbon.
Goatberries Happen!
Kahlua has wattles!!! I love him even more! Heart
Hello Taffy
Good looking Goats
Pete has wattles too.
Nanno I have flock of wild turkey's with a Tom that has a Beard 6" plus long. Smile He is safe from me I only hunt politicians.

Back to you Taffy.

Goat Camouflage:
Pete and Sam are in the brush here all the time during the day, well except at night we do have coyotes, coy-dog, and  dogs people turn loose at night. So they get put up in the Redneck Goat Shed with a wireless camera on them and the shotgun is always loaded and handy.
Enjoy this of Pete and Sam The first one is simple to find Sam, Pete shows his capability to Blend in with the brush.


Pete and Sam in the Brush


Find Pete in the brush Smile

One more for fun 

.jpg   Hideing in Plain sight.JPG (Size: 53.12 KB / Downloads: 56)

How many horses in this picture?

Happy Trails to All

April Fools Day is made just for Goats Smile

hihobaron and the Troops in South Carolina
Hiho, it takes about 30' of paracord for a 30" collar. Love the camo photos. At Taffy, I really like kaluhas colors!

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