What did you do today?
Just wanted to start a chat thread that people can pop in, maybe post something that they did or had happen to them on any given day. There are times when nothing new or otherwise happens in regards to the goats or packing and things slow down on the forum with no new posts. And although thats what this topic is here for, just making it easier. Smile
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I'm up to my eyeballs in weed spraying, and this week I'm also helping a neighbor set up an electric fence for her horse pasture. Can't wait till Friday because I'm going riding. I don't get to ride enough this time of year, so I'm glad I set aside one afternoon a week where I'm not allowed to do anything else. Lilly is due in two weeks and I can't wait! It's more exciting than Christmas!!!
I work from home so I worked from 7:30 until 5. Taking care of the rabbits, dogs and horses before, during and after work. Then I had a guy come out to do a quote in removing a couple dead trees. The price was right so he will be starting that tomorrow.

Then I watched a video of my two goats that I am getting next month. I have been watching it allot.


The brown one is Hart and the silver one is Trask. I named them after mountains in Oregon. Now I can tell people I have a couple of mountain goats. Only Trask seems to think he is a wheelbarrow goat. (Oh if I had a video of that, what a hoot. LOL!)

Now I am sitting here with a glass of Corona and trying to decide what I will fix myself for dinner. Or maybe I'll just have another glass of Corona. LOL!
LOL great post. ^^^

Well I sold my little boat today for the asking price. I bought the boat for 180.00 and put another 150.00 into it. More then I expected but there were a bunch of holes drilled in it for various reasons over the years. So I took it in and had all the holes sealed/welded. I didnt originally plan on selling it but with hay running a bit low and still no work (super slow), I figured Id put a high asking price on it and use it till it sold...

The bummer thing is, I didnt even get to try it out. Was only posted a day before it sold.

As for the goaties. The older babies are starting to drop their baby hair and are starting to look nice. The younger ones are dealing with a case of the poops. So tomorrow we are going to do some worming and some much needed hoof trimming. Wormed Clyde the other day and she had a terrible case of the poos but within 2 days, cleared up and is looking better then she did before the worming. Figuring its a bad worm year and need to get on top of it now before it starts getting really warm out.
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Well, started out getting our 4 yo grand daughter ready for school, took her to school, met up for coffee with the photographer who will be doing pics at rendy. BTW, she will put together a photo CD if enough people are interested in getting one. Her husband will be getting the firewood for us at rendy too. Then picked up the grand daughter from school, fixed her lunch, attempted to clean corrals with way too much help from the bottle brigade babies. Finally had to lock them out of the area to be able to get anything done-that was kinda like herding cats. Then hauled 8 wheelbarrows of straw cleaned out of a couple stalls to the garden, watered the garden, got pots ready for transplants, watered the lawns and landscaping, put goats back in their runs, fed horses, put up temporary fence for the brigade to eat weeds (which they promptly got out of!), checked on the grand daughter-sleeping through spongebob, yay-started dinner and now answering emails from people answering about rendy.

My husband went golfing.

Oh, I forgot, played in the sprinklers with the grand daughter.

Charlene in Central Orego
What a perfect day Smile. Again, thank you for all the time and effort you have put into the rendy. You are pretty amazing!

What are you hoping for Nanno? Boys or girls?
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I went skiing! Sans goats this time...Smile

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(05-07-2014, 09:23 PM)Dave-Trinity-Farms Wrote: What are you hoping for Nanno? Boys or girls?

Anything healthy will do just fine! I wouldn't complain about a nice mix, though. I've got three girls expecting, so six kids would be nice, although I suspect Nubbin may have a single--she's not nearly as big as the other two. I sure hope Petunia is expecting more than one! She's big enough now. In another month she's going to look like a beached whale!
Got that electric fence done today and just in time too! Storm just rolled in. I hope it gets real wet around here to make up for all that wind we've had this week!

And I might hang out in the chat room for a bit if anyone wants to join me. Smile
It was a pretty lazy day here. Just been raking up loose hay and straw around the feeders, hay stack and pens. It started out pretty warm so didnt get to much done early. Then the clouds came in and cooled it down. It started to rain and I made good progress. I love working in the cooler temps. Tomorrow if the wind that we are expecting holds off, going to go bass fishing with my buddy in the morning and see if we cant get into some more bedded bass Smile We are both catch and release so, anything we do get into will get put back to finish spawning. Here are a few pictures from a couple of weeks ago

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