What did you do today?
Thanks! Pepperjack is Lippitt-bred I believe. He's not currently registered but his owner said she'd submit his papers soon. I don't see too many Morgans around here either, so this guy jumped out at me. I fell in love with Morgans when I was in college out east. There were very common out there. Buckskin is a new color. The genes for buckskin, palomino, etc. have been in the Morgan breed for many years, but they were culled since the registry didn't allow them. About ten years ago when genetic testing came to the forefront, the stud book started allowing other colors as long as the DNA checks out.

I hope you find another nice Morgan sometime.
Someone was really wild about the pumpkins this year. 
Well, this isn't quite "what I did today" since we got this snow a week ago, but I didn't have time to post them then. 

The Goat-O-Rama Gang presents a series of seasonally festive photographs for your enjoyment...

Coral is one of our most proficient tree-trimmers and acrobats.

Lovely Rita wears a tastefully fashionable “sprinkle of snow” cape with festive “sprig of pine” accessory.

I may have been premature in choosing a photo for the Christmas card this year.

Tigerlily will not be outdone by the younger generations! She can still dance with the best of them,  and her white spotted coat needs no holiday enhancements.

Snowball gazes in rapt admiration at her glamorous and athletic mother.

With this balancing act, Finn appears to be trying out for the circus.

Sputnik in regal form.

Coral, a.k.a. “Fuzzy”, wonders whether it might be easier to flap her ears and fly to the treetops.
Hoof care has been put off too long already. Now that the wet weather and soggy ground has arrived the goats hooves are really getting overgrown. Not having a stanchion was part of the problem (as well as a surgically repaired back and being hesitant to trim too much as a fairly new goat owner). No more excuses as I finally got one built. Was going to buy one but the commercially made ones are spendy and other home made ones for sale locally are listed for $100-150 used. I have about $40 into this one. The pull out seats on each side were a last minute addition. Let the trimming (and learning...for me and the goats ) begin!

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Nice! I hope it works out well for you!
Phil and I finally took our Christmas tree down this past weekend. The goats were very happy, although Finn seemed happier to mug for the camera than enjoy the treat his buddies were devouring behind him. There wasn't much left after an hour. 
Today I had a canopy installed on my new pickup!  The 3 goats only have a 5.5' bed instead of an 8' bed in this pickup but they'll have lots of headroom.  I'll have a lot of comforts, bells and whistles compared to my old pickup.

Goatberries Happen!
Last two days, in the rain and the muck, cleaning Moonshine's stall. She s our insulin resista t mare and has to be kept off grass part of time and muzzled when she is. A real pain! Makes for a lot of hauling petunias. Goat barn is next if it will ever stop raining and dry out.

Free time, scavenging for toilet paper, hand sanitizer and eggs! :-(
Don't worry... there's nothing wrong with the supply chain. Pretty soon people will run out of spare rooms in which to stash toilet paper and the shelves will be stocked again. Personally, I'll never understand the toilet paper thing. I always keep enough on hand because it's expensive so I prefer to buy the bulk bags every so often when they come on sale. I just happened to buy a big 36-roll bag about a week before the panic hit. I happened to stock up on eggs during that same grocery run so I'm set there. I also have a ton of hand sanitizer still left from when I hosted Rendy 2017. Since I almost never use hand sanitizer, it will probably last for the rest of my life (unless I keep taking it to Rendys like I did in 2018 and 2019). All the things people are hoarding are things I thankfully don't need right now. Wish I could share some with you, but by the time it got to you in the mail your store shelves will likely already be stocked again. Wink
Today, talked to a horse trainer in far north Texas about taking and working with our 2 so-called.trail horses. I believe this guy could teach a horse to do anything except making coffee.and he's so good, he could.probably do that too if he put his mind to it. I am sweating bullets if he will accept our horses.as he normally doesn't train for.the public. Keep your fingers crossed.for us.

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