Goat-O-Rama Kids of 2017
Since rain was in the forecast this afternoon, Phil and I took our hike this morning. We chose the Greenhorn Trail, and--who's that peeking at us from behind Finn??

Why, it's Tornado and Storm!! Yep, we decided to bring a couple of the Nubblets for their first hike today! These two are going to a new home together once they are weaned and we want to make sure they are at least introduced to the idea of hiking. This was their first time away from their mama and brother and there was a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth in the beginning. They had a tendency to lag far behind crying, and then eventually race to catch up when they realized we weren't coming back for them. I found that it was quicker going if I kept one of them on a leash so they would keep up.  

Tornado and Storm even had their first experience crossing water. I'm not sure they learned anything except, "It's wet". I had to drag them each across one at a time. There was very little voluntary walking. They could have followed me across on the stepping stones (my feet stayed dry!), but instead they preferred to use the rocks to brace themselves against the pull of the leash. This usually ended with them sitting down in the water and getting not only their feet but also their bottoms wet.  

And now it's Storm's turn. 

Finn demonstrated one way to cross without getting wet. The Nubblets did not follow his example I'm afraid. 

We got sprinkled on during the hike, but not enough to make us wet. The big rain didn't start until around 5:00 this evening--just in time for Phil and I to get soaked putting everyone to bed.
(08-06-2017, 03:06 PM)Taffy Wrote: I hadn't realized the black markings faded.  I hope Westin's are an exception!  They're gorgeous.  I'll have to check Pac-Man's markings next time I'm at their house.

I'm guessing Westin will keep the martingale because his mother has one, but it won't be as dark and thick once he's wethered.
Westin's markings are very handsome; I hope he doesn't lose too much black either. He's a very striking young man Smile

Finn looks like an old hand, showing the littlies how a water crossing is done. Except they're not so little anymore!
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
Well, Westin and Sox went to their new home this morning. It looks like they went to a really nice place and the new owners seem very excited to start hiking with them and bonding. They're only up in Pueblo and I'll be seeing them again come winter. I originally had Sox listed as being available in January because I plan to breed him in December, but the new owners were keen to take him now. I said as long as he stays intact and I can borrow him back in December it would be fine with me. The same folks will be taking Lightning as well once he's ready to wean in September. Lightning is the smallest of Nubbin's triplets and needs some extra time with mom to catch up. I'll miss these little guys, but it's wonderful to see them go to a good home.
I'm glad they found a good home!! They are so cute!
How are they going at their new home Nanno? Do you have any photos yet?
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
I just talked to the fellow who bought Sox and Westin and I got him while he was right in the middle of taking them for a walk. He says they're doing great, eating like pigs, and following great. Sox has learned to shake hands and the boys have bonded to each other very well. I don't have any photos yet, but maybe this week. Smile

Tornado and Storm will probably go to their new home tomorrow. I'm going to miss those little "Nublets," but I'm sure they'll be very happy in their new home as well. Lightning will stay here for a couple more weeks and get some extra growth on him before he joins Sox and Westin. As the smallest triplet, I want to make sure Lightning has a good start. That, and we'll be out of town for a couple of weeks and it will be nice to have one kid nursing Nubbin so she doesn't have to be milked twice a day.
Tornado and Storm went to their new home yesterday. Hopefully they settled quickly and weren't too noisy. Lightning was pretty distressed for a short while and set up quite a yell. He'd settle down for an hour or two and then he would suddenly start screaming for his brothers again. Nubbin didn't miss them much. She said goodbye as they went down the driveway, but she settled quickly and seems content to be down to one baby. Lightning settled by this morning and is no longer looking for his brothers. It's sad to see babies go because we always miss their soft coats, adoring eyes, and funny antics. But it's also great to know they're going to good homes where they will be loved and appreciated.
Lightning is the last baby boy still living at home. He stayed with mom a little longer so he could get some extra growth since he was the smallest of three and is destined to live with the older and bigger kids, Westin and Sox. When we left for our trip, he still looked and acted like a bouncy, carefree little kid, but when we came home less than two weeks later he looked more like a big, strapping buck. During our trip we took Finn and Sputnik with us and I put Rocky and Rambo in their own buck pen up the hill, so as the only guy in the ladies' pen, Lightning was "the man of the house" and he truly lived up to it. I swear he grew two inches and he put on swaths of muscle like a steroid junkie. I had loosened his collar a little before we left, but it was tight when we got home. His glossy black coat was twice as thick and shining with good health. He looked all buck, but his cleanliness showed he was still mostly minding his manners.

Enter his dad and Uncle Rocky. Since none of the girls are currently in heat, I've been letting our bucks out with the herd during the day (with aprons) so they can browse and not go insane in their little enclosure. Well, they started teaching little Lightning the ways of a buck, and within a day he was covered in stinky, sticky buck grease (his own and his mentors'), and began constantly harassing the girls lowest on the pecking order. Last night he was really bad, so I decided it was time for him to get weaned to the buck pen for the night. I locked the girls up and Phil had a bucket of grain to entice Rocky and Rambo up to their pen. The bucks happily followed Phil, but I had to drag Lighting along on a leash. About halfway up the hill he started screaming and that's when something really sweet happened. Both bucks lost interest in the grain and turned back to check on Lightning. Rocky actually came back and nuzzled Lightning and reassured him, then we all walked up to the pen together. Rocky turned and nuzzled Lighting once or twice more when he stopped and yelled for his mom.

The boys were super sweet to Lightning last night. My bucks love each other and share grain from one feed pan. I wasn't sure if they'd let the pipsqueak share too, but they let him stick his head right in there with them (a very tight fit for three goats) and never once pushed him out. Lightning cried for a while last night, but one of the bucks always laid down next to him to keep him company, so he settled quickly and is quietly chewing cud this morning, curled against Rocky's chest.

Bucks often get a bad rap, but I'm impressed with out sweet ours are. They really look out for the babies. Lightning goes to join Sox and Westin in his new home tomorrow. I wish I'd gotten some photos of him the day we got back from vacation because he was absolutely stunning. Now he desperately needs a bath! I left Lightning unaltered because I had a hunch he'd turn out really nice. I plan to borrow him back in December and breed him to Tigerlily. They should make some very pretty, long-legged, and athletic babies with fun personalities.
Here are the photos from when Lightning spent the night with his dad and Rocky. Rocky totally adopted this little dude and the two were practically inseparable. Both boys were very sweet to him though. 

Lightning joined Sox and Westin on Friday. Having lived in the buck pen for a few days, he desperately needed a bath. So I primped him up before his new owners came to get him and snapped a couple of pictures before he got dirty again. He's turning out really nice and I think will make a good pairing with Tigerlily come December. 

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