Goat-O-Rama Kids of 2017
It's early days yet, but our first 2017 kidding season achievement is unlocked! CAE test results came back on Monday and everyone is happily CAE-free. I've also felt Delilah's babies fluttering two days in a row. This time of year I can't help squeezing and thumping all the girls' bellies like ripening melons. I also felt a little kick inside Nubbin the other day. Jezebel is hiding hers like she did last year (she better not crank out another minuscule singleton, the little slacker!), and Tigerlily doesn't want her belly touched. She may have to change her views on this as we get closer to kidding time.  Wink

First due dates are May 6th for Jezebel and Delilah, then Nubbin and Tigerlily are due on May 21. However, there is some question with Nubbin because she had one of those weird five-day cycles and was bred both times. I think they usually take on the second cycle, but I wrote down May 15th for her as well--just in case.
Happy News!
If you end up with some boys I know someone who is very interested. (ME)
Well, with four does pregnant I'm sure there will be a few boys in the mix. They will all be Alpine/Nubian crosses this year.
The girls are getting bigger by the day and we're regularly feeling babies kick now. On of our sheds blew away in a wind storm the other night and the girls had to make do without it until I could get to the hardware store to buy more spikes to nail it to the ground. Tigerlily and her mother Jezebel set up camp in the straw bedding that was left behind. She looks like a sphinx or a queen sitting there! 
Our Goatoscope is up and running if anyone wants to watch babies arrive:
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Looks like Delilah may kid in the next couple hours.
Very cool but are you raising invisible goats?!   Big Grin   There's no one home!
Goatberries Happen!
I let her out for some fresh air this morning and I'm going to clean the shed before the rain starts again. She tried to head for the hills this morning when I opened the goat pen gate, but caught her and locked her back up. She's chillin' in the sunshine at the moment. Once she starts pushing and nesting around I'll make sure she's in her shed. Wink
Now that it's pouring down rain, Delilah can feel free to kid any time.  Dodgy
I see a goat! But she is bored and wants out. She even put her hoof on the fencing covering the opening.
Goatberries Happen!
I know... I let her out a little while ago and she wasn't happy outside either. We may see if she'll come with everyone for a walk now that it stopped raining. Maybe that will help move things along. I'll have to keep a close eye on her though! This one is fond of sneaking off by herself and hiding. When you eventually manage to find her, she does her best to run (waddle) off in the opposite direction.

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