Goat-O-Rama Kids of 2016
Anyone remember these tiny, adorable little cuties?
[Image: 3953.jpg]

Yeah, me neither. Last week, as though someone flipped a switch, they went from slightly musky and still pet-able to burn-your-nose hairs stinky and I-don’t-want-you-within-ten-yards-of-me. With rippling swaths of muscle, they no longer bear much resemblance to the snuggling, huggable creatures we brought home last year in April. They’re still very friendly and they don’t understand why the last thing I want to do is touch them or let them rub against me!
[Image: 3952.jpg]

I’m not sure what happened, but Rocky’s skin has somehow grown about twice as much as the rest of him, so he looks more like a Shar-pei than a goat.
[Image: 3949.jpg]

Rambo, on the other hand, gets more regal all the time.
[Image: 3950.jpg]

Rambo is proud of his ladies.
[Image: 3951.jpg]

I recently got sent some photos of Crockett, and boy did he turn out to be a big, pretty buck! He still has one pink and one black horn, although they are so dirty it's hard to tell. I'll bet he'd be stunning if he were bathed and brushed out! 

Apparently he's a sweet boy, but his size combined with his enormous horns means people have to be careful around him. 

These are a couple of Crockett's grandkids. The resemblance is very strong! 

Boone sure turned out to be a big, handsome fella! I wish I had a better picture of him. 
How old is he to have horns that big? Is it because he's a buck or something? Epic. It'd be tough to transport a goat like that to the trail, but it'd sure make for some great pictures.

Obers can have some big horns too. Bacchus' horns are about as big as I'd like for a packer.

Ok here's a joke I thought up yesterday. If you're on the trail and you have a horned goat, and someone you come across is wary of the goat, ask "Oh, does his huge beard make you nervous?"
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!
Crockett is three years old and yes, he is a buck! He is not destined to ever be a packgoat since the folks who bought him love having him as their herd sire. You can see the horn size difference between Crockett and his full brother Boone, who is the same age.

I love the joke about the beard! I wish Finn had a better beard. Finn has the horns. Sputnik has the beard.

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