Goat-O-Rama Kids of 2016
It's early days yet, but I can't wait for kidding season! I sort of tried to get a "belly" picture of Delilah today but she wouldn't cooperate, and I'm also on the wrong side (I started off on the right side but she turned around on me!). She's not due until April 9th, but she's been doing the "pregnant waddle" since January. 

Petunia is due May 5th, and Jezebel is due June 3rd, so babies will be spaced pretty far apart this year. That just means we get a longer kidding season and more baby goat fun for all!
Hello Nanno and All
I visited with our neighbor today.
Also had to take one of their Great Pyneries LGD's back as she seems to like getting out and guarding my horses.
No problems, my horses are as dog proof as you can find, but a big white fluff ball in the pasture with a dark herd is kind of apparent. Their LGD's know me so it is not a problem to get a hand on them, getting rid of their "attention" is more of a problem. They like me. Oh well , I have been "owned" by big dogs for years.
Moving on:
They have Saanens (Did I get it right Nanno) Smile
Their 2 nice BIG Nanny's look like blimps and one is waxing.
I don't know goats but in a horse that means 24 hours or less.
All of their kids are going to be market goats, Alpine/Saanen X
Any one in the East that wants a nice Pack /Diving "prospect" let me know.
I'll make sure they are well "Imprinted"
Probably will piss Pete and Sam off having a bottle kid or two around.They will learn like Cozco had to.
I do reserve the rights on Bucklings out of the two big nanny's I would like to keep for my pack string.Smile
IF they have them.
Doeling's are up for anybody.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam
CAE tests came back today--everyone negative! So excited!!!

Now we're officially ready to kick off the 2016 kidding season! Delilah is due in less than three weeks. Babies were kicking good tonight. I even felt Petunia's babies kicking a little this evening (everyone was pretty riled up at feeding time). Petunia is due May 5th.
Congrats on the test results.
New development: I got a late birthday present from Phil and it's a goatoscope! It's a wireless remote camera with night vision that I can set up in the goat shelter so we can keep an eye on our girls when they get close! I'm so excited!!!
Hello Nanno
Goatoscope great "late" Birthday present. Smile
Now be careful none of the video gets on line or you might get problems from the GRA (Goat Rights Association)
Violation of Privacy Clause. Smile You don't want to get on the "Horns" of their Head Butters.  They are good at it. Smile
OK back to reality:
I have used horseoscopes Smile to watch mares close to term for years. Mine were hard wired CCTV types.
I also ran a VHS Recorder that should give you a idea of how long ago I started using CCTV systems.
The Red Neck Goat Shed has had a wireless CCTV system with low light capability in it from the start.
No nanny's to watch but it is nice to be able to look in on them for safety and security.
It's when you wake up and hear strange noises outside in the dark, middle of the night I want to know if my boy's are IN TROUBLE or MAKING TROUBLE . Smile

Wireless is not really wireless. You need to have a AC power supply to run the camera.
Most systems only have a transmitting range of about 300 feet. Building walls etc in between the TX and RX points will reduce range. Steel Barn (Pole Buildings)  are very bad for cutting your "Signal Strength down"
Try to get the antenna outside the building if possible. Put the Receiver close to a window if you can.
You know from experience how "Tall" a goat can get when standing up. Make sure your camera and power cords are well above their reach. BTY: Goats love to eat the "Rubber Ducky" type antennas on any kind of equipment

If you have any questions about setting up the system feel free to ask.
There are some tricks I know about that can help you.

Happy Trails
Dose having my boy's "On Camera" mean I have "Show" goats?
hihobaron Pete and Sam
Well jeez, Hiho... We all have horoscopes. Mine is Sagitarious, one of the coolest looking ones though I'm not sure what it means..... Hmmm. Let me look it up.

Seems like it says I'm going to meet my true love in the produce isle today! I'll tell you all how it goes! Woohoo!


This is what I want for my birthday. Nothing beats thermal. Night vision, which I have, still requires your brain to try to sort out what is going on out there. Is it a bush? It it a mountain lion? Is it a mountain lion crouching behind a bush? Thermal will immediately tell you where the mammals are. This one is 250-400 dollars which starts at about 10% the cost of the FLIR scout which was the previous cheap one.
Hello Charlie Horse
You miss read my comment, I sent HORSEOSCOPE. Smile No problem liked your reply.
BTY: I am a Gemini Or by The Chinese Zodiac a Horse.
Yes, I do admit to having a couple "Different" personality's, that I keep very much under control.
Dog's, Equines, and now Goats seem to like me. How much better can it get.???
As to Thermal Scopes/FLIR I prefer Light Amplification Scopes.
Thermal is nice to locate and track with, as to accurate shooting with it I'll take LA.
I have used some very advanced Sniping Scopes $30K types. Nice.
Also have and used Laser Aiming systems, like them for low light shooting point and shoot situations.
Happy Trails
Good Shooting
hihobaron Pete and Sam
Well I went to the grocery store and there was a crowd of people kinda standing around the fruits and vegetable section. Everyone seemed to be studying the floor or looking at fruit. Ah well. So much for the predictive power of horoscopes.
Hello CH
RE: Sagitarious
Better watch out for me being a Gemini I can double team you and being a horseman would put you to work. Smile
It is a cool sign, I always have liked Centaurs. Probably was one in a past life with my affinity for horses and now goats. Or was that Capricorn?

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Happy Trails
hihobaron and the Troops in South Carolina

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