Goat-O-Rama Kids of 2016
Hello Nanno
No wounder Nappy and the Rocky especially have big dewlaps Smile
Your part of Top Secret Government Project to develop attack and meat eating Zombie Goats. Smile Smile
You know I am kidding you, Good Campfire Pictures.
Jowls on Rocky:?
What kind of breeding produces that kind of characteristic?????
How common is it.?
AS I mentioned I have new neighbors here, they have grand daughter that is in a Ice Princess kick.
I was walking up to feed horses and GDad was out on their pouch and waved  me down to chat, Fine I like to be social with neighbors. Well the goat boys came along too.
White boys stayed down in the yard, BUT Pete and Sam were not going to be left out of any neighborhood gossip.
Anyway, they trotted themselves right up onto the pouch and made themselves comfy. Concrete and cool.
G Daughter came out the door in a Ice Princess Dress, you should have seen both her look and the boys look.
Boys bolted back down the steps, then stopped to "Stare" at her.
Well, It was not a long stand off, goat boys wanted back on porch the GD wanted to pet them.
Ya'll know how young children 4-5 years old can "Squeak"  and she did.
But she was a brave little Princess and gave both Pete and Sam some good Scratches in the end.
I think IF I had a nice young bottle baby kid, the GD would be in LOVE. Smile
So I think I have Infected another person with the "I want a Goat Virus" Mommy Please Mommy Please !!!!!!
Yes, There were pictures taken. If I get any I'll post them.\
BTY: Once Pete and Sam got over the Squeaky Voice they tried to eat her frilly Princes dress. "Bad Goats"
Happy Trails
hihobaron and the Troops in SC
Quote:Hello Nanno


Yep. Phil was draining the juice from the package when Pedro walked up and took a curious sniff. He decided he didn't like hot dogs after all and promptly left the scene. So far we have not found a goat that likes hot dogs, but most will happily go for the buns.
Thanks for the info that you are NOT breeding carnivore goats. Smile
The bread thing I know about my boys and the horses too will mug for a slice of bread.
Glad you had fun at the goat show. did good to considering you"Problem Child" Smile
Happy Trails
hihobaron and the Troops in SC
I bought these nifty little items last month in hopes of being able to avoid separating my bucklings during breeding season. Bucks always get so sad and lonely when the other goats are let out to graze and leave them behind. It also saves me the trouble of moving and maintaining two separate pens. It's a good year to experiment because if we have an "oops" it's not a huge deal. So here are the boys in their new "Johnson Shields"!   
I've never seen these before. What a great idea! Let me know how they work.
Goatberries Happen!
Apparently they are in fairly common use in parts of Africa where goats aren't often fenced, but where managing the breeding schedule is crucial to keeping does from kidding during the dry season. These look like they'll work quite well. They're staying in place despite all my scrub brush, which was the main thing I was concerned about. I bought them in bright orange so I can hopefully locate them in the event that the goats manage to pull them off.
Well, Pedro and Napoleon went to their new home today. I'm going to miss those funny little guys, but it looks like they're going to a great home!
We said goodbye to Oakley today. Looks like her new family will be perfect!
You certainly don't seem to have any shortage of good homes for your goats Nanno Smile
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
Well, it too a while to find a home for Oakley. She was for sale for almost three months. I still have Pepi for sale. I'll be sad to see that little one go. She's such a little sweetheart and cute as a bug's ear.

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