Has anyone used a doggy door for goats?
Hi there,
I'm working on a temporary pen set-up in a new barn and want the goats to have indoor/outdoor access. I plan on installing a standard, 36" people door but I don't want the door left wide open 24/7. I am thinking of installing a doggy door in this door, and am curious if any of you folks have used these for goats. If so, any tips or tricks to think about?

I do the same thing in my smaller shelters but just leave the cut out open. But if you showed the goats a few times how to use it, I dont see why you couldnt use a doggy door. Just make sure you have some ventilation at the top of the shelter or clean it frequently.
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I think that's a great idea! It will have to be a pretty big doggy door though, especially if your goats have horns. You might have to make it yourself. The closest thing I've done is I once hung a piece of heavy duty felt-lined canvas horse blanket, doubled over, in the doorway of Cuzco's shed several years ago when he was an only goat. I did this to keep the wind and snow out of his shed in winter and it worked really well. I took it down in summer to allow more air circulation. He never had any trouble figuring out that he could still go in and out of the shed.
I use a dutch barn door and leave the bottom open with a heavy canvas hanging. Even my little buckling had it figured out quickly. Goats are good at getting in and out of things.
Thanks guys. I have found a few dog doors on line in the 15 X 24" range. I think this will might work since I found my goat Marv in the chicken coop one day and he managed to wiggle in through a 10 X 10 inch opening.
Yes, it will work fine.  I put a tiny one in a shed once to make a creep for some babies.  The little guys learned it immediately and the big ones couldn't fit.
(01-02-2016, 03:34 PM)sdgoatlady Wrote: Yes, it will work fine.  I put a tiny one in a shed once to make a creep for some babies.  The little guys learned it immediately and the big ones couldn't fit.

Great to hear! The whole reason I need this second set up is we just adopted 2 little ones. We were hoping everybody would get along fine but our older goat is a bit of a bully and won't let the little ones in the shed. We are using a horse trailer as a temporary shelter for the little ones but its a borrowed trailer and have to give it back soon. We are scrambling to get a second shelter for the little ones. The plan is to turn a window opening in the barn into a people door. The door will have a doggy door and access to a temporary pen inside for the winter until i can build something more permanent this summer. Both barn and shed share the fenced in pasture area. I wonder if i should go smaller so Marv (the larger goat) can't get in.
Hello All
Here is another option for a Goat door.
The Redneck Special Goat and chicken door.
hihobaron ,Pete and Sam

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LOL! That is awesome! A poop hole, pop hole?
Best idea ever right there!

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