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Hmm... well it seems I got banned from TheGoatSpot. =(

I wonder if any of could please ask Austin to unban me there since I can no longer get in touch with him. I already told him I would not make any more complaints and would not mention these forums on his. I did use the private message system to get ahold of most of you since I didn't have any other way to do so. I wonder if he was reading my messages? Anyway, it seems like a really silly thing for him to do and I'd like to still be a contributing part of that community, and I'd also like to get my Cuzco's Glamour Shots back! Maybe some folks could please put in a good word for me? He didn't even send me so much as a warning: "You are about to get banned!" Sheesh.
Must be a sign that you're on the right track with a new forum. Sad, because I've always considered you to be a obedient poster.
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I actually got a PM from him. I thought for sure I would be the one to get banned. The message I got was about you Nanno Smile You rebel!

"I don't typically discuss bans, but as you are close to Nanno I felt a need to let you know.
Her and I could not come to an understanding about the transition. On top of that she was advertising her new forum here, which is against the rules.
I appreciate you very much Dave, and I hope you still want to be a part of the community. I know this transition has been tough for some, but I think moving forward this is going to be great for the pack goat community. I know she was advocating a smaller forum, but I think this will definitely help bring pack goats to the forefront and we're already seeing more attention paid to them.

Ill send him a PM asking for you to be allowed back. But he is a douche, dont expect much. Say, can you make a new account or did they IP ban you?
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Thank you so much Nanno!! I also agreed with what you said about the trust issue. I'm so grateful you started this forum. We know it will take time and work... but slowly we can build this forum up! I hope the others can find their way here.
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Well, I'm disappointed that Austin felt the need to ban me. He told me to direct my complaints to him, so I did. Guess I shouldn't have taken him at his word. I asked him to please contact the mailing list and inform everyone of the change so that members aren't lost forever, but I guess he wasn't in the mood to listen to any of my suggestions. I can, of course, create a new account there (I could do that even if he IP banned me--you learn stuff when you run a gaming forum for a living), but what is the point? I don't wish to antagonize the man on purpose.

I also don't wish to "advocate" a smaller forum. A community should be allowed to grow organically. But my idea of a community is a group of people who share an interest. We might just as well have been thrown into a pack animals site with mules and llamas. I simply wished to not be jumbled into a larger forum without our own identity and without even being told about it. Consider my confidence in the leadership shattered more by the way it was handled than by the fact that it happened.

I am in touch with folks who might help me get the old email list so I can contact all the old members directly. I've also talked with Larry Robinson of Goat Tracks magazine. He's going to put something in there about what happened. I'm also going to see if I can get up the monthly drawings again. Those were fun and kept things happnin'.
I am sorry you got crosswise with Austin, Nanno. I hope we can convince him to change his mind. You have done a great service to the Pack Goat Community by starting this forum. And I love photos of Cuzco and all your goat vacations!

I plan to surf and contribute to both Forums. Even if the other forum is more of a "mainstream" website for goat owners, I don't think it hurts to have widespread coverage of pack goats and their associated issues.

In the meantime, just to lighten the mood, Here are a few photos--we have been having some frigid temperatures lately, and there isn't enough snow to ski yet--so might as well go ice skating! Goats love cattails, aka "goat corn-dogs":

.jpg   IMG_2344.jpg (Size: 31.67 KB / Downloads: 52)

.jpg   Ice Skating.jpg (Size: 36.08 KB / Downloads: 53)
Nom nom nom...

.jpg   Nomnomnom.jpg (Size: 68.2 KB / Downloads: 53)
Great pic's, your goats are gorgeous!

I agree, we can only hope this forum grows and becomes as big as the other, but with packing as the common interest.
Those are awesome photos. I especially love the one on the bottom!
Gotta love those faces!
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I chatted with him via PM and let him know all would be good if you returned. He is thinking it over. I tried to sweet talk him a bit. Will just have to wait and see how charming I am I guess Smile
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