Welcome to PackGoatCentral!
Hey Folks,

I know we had a rough time getting tossed into TheGoatSpot without warning, so I'm going to try and get this PackGoat-oriented forum up and running in the next few weeks as I have time. Please bear with me as I muddle through this. It's a big learning curve for me since my husband is usually the one who sets these things up and all I ever have to do is moderate them after they're running smoothly. This time it's mostly up to me, so you'll have to be patient. If you have any suggestions for categories, etc., please let me know here or via private message.

Thanks for your patience!
Howdy Smile
Welcome! I'm glad to see it's working for people besides me!
Thank you, Nanno, for getting the ball rolling. Now just a matter of time until everyone gets changed over.
Charlene in Central Orego
So excited!
thanks for putting this up
Sabine from Germany
[Image: zoVgi.gif]

Thanks Nanno!
I'm starting to flesh out categories and topics. If you have any suggestions please post them.
Take your time. We understand there is only so much free time. I am getting to know the site by clicking buttons and seeing what does what Smile
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S.E. Washington (Benton City)
This will be great! Having one of our own running the site after being thrown to the wolves.
All I want for Christmas is a new hip.

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