Wellsville Mountains
(04-27-2014, 03:30 PM)vigilguy Wrote:
(04-27-2014, 01:35 PM)nebs Wrote: Awesome pic. It is such a nice time of the yearwith the wild flowers. How many goatsdo you have? They are a good looking group from the different posts.

I now have 6. Two that are 7 yrs old, two that are 6 yrs old, a yearling and a baby that is 6 weeks old.

In the beginning, I was only going to have two! Big Grin

Ya...tell me about it. Smile I started with two, lost one, added 7 more (4 are 5 year olds) & now have 5 kids in transit with potentially 2 more if they come through. I wanted to raise my replacement herd from the get go & have them all raised together for chemistry. Sadly 2 of my 8 are up for sale to make room though.

We will have to hike this together sometime. I have a few hikes planned behind my house up various faces of Ben Lomond. One we are going to hike to & overnight at an old abandon mine with several carts, tracks etc still there & the is to a waterfall that only runs in the spring. Likely just do a longer 10 mile up & back day hike to the latter.

Thx for posting my friend...great stuff!

LOCATION: Top-of-Utah at the South base of Ben Lomond

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