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Packing equipment - goatzrule - 10-17-2019

Wow, I haven't been on this forum in so long that I feel like a stranger! 

I have sold all my goats except for my two Nigerians, I unfortunately don't see myself having pack goats anytime in the near future, due to some family stuff, so I've decided to sell my packing equipment. I don't have good pictures of any of the equipment right now but I will soon. I am located in New Mexico.

I have

Stay put saddle pads from  Like new, i think i only used them once $35.00

Two sopris halters size 4, one purple, one gray with matching handle, used lightly $10.00 each

Orange  saddle pad from northwest packgoats, it has a little bit of hair on the under side of it, but is in great condition other wise, used lightly $10.00  
A set of basic panniers, orange, from northwest packgoats, they have only been used slightly but got caught in the rain and started to mold slightly but I caught it in time to get it cleaned, you can still see it slightly but it's not bad and it doesn't smell. $50.00

Basic wooden saddle used very lightly, I just used it and and the panniers for training, it does have a little bit  of a hair on the girth strap, it also has one small hole in the webbing around the front crossbars. $110.00

RE: Packing equipment - Nanno - 10-17-2019

I'm sorry you're having to give up the packgoat dreams. I wish you well in whatever new direction you take!

RE: Packing equipment - goatzrule - 10-18-2019

I hope that someday I'll be able to have packgoats again, i just can't right now and the equipment is taking up space that I don't have.

RE: Packing equipment - nmcowboy - 11-13-2019

I’m located in New Mexico also, could you text or email me some pictures of what you have. My phone # 575-704-2329. Thank you

RE: Packing equipment - goatzrule - 11-17-2019

(11-13-2019, 08:45 PM)nmcowboy Wrote: I’m located in New Mexico also, could you text or email me some pictures of what you have. My phone # 575-704-2329.  Thank you

I'm not at home right now and by the time I get home tonight it will be dark, but I will send you the pictures tomorrow morning.

RE: Packing equipment - goatzrule - 11-29-2019

The panniers and stay put saddle pads are Sold.