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Full Version: Rendy attendance and hay
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Any of you planning on coming to the rendezvous could you let me know if you need certified weed free hay. It will probably run around $10-$12 per bale. It would help to get a head count too so I can prepare packets.
If there is anything else you need me to locate here locally let me know and I will try to find a source for you. There are grocery stores in La Pine (7 miles), Sunriver (10 miles or so), and everything in Bend (25 miles). I will try to get info for the Ale Trail Tour for anybody wanting to try Central Oregon's incredible craft beers. I've heard there is a winery trail in the making too. I believe contained campfires will be allowed still, hopefully no fire restrictions that early in the year! I'm trying to get some firewood for a central camp area fire and will get extra for everyone to have their own fires.

Just email me at for this and anything you might need.


PS-Do any of you fisher folk need reservoir and river info? CCN
What kinda hay? And id be good for a bale.

And any fishing info would be great. Thanks!
I think I saw this a few months back. Will a northwest forest pass cover the camp ground and surrounding areas for hiking??? I'm starting my check list.
Campground is covered by the group fee but the NW pass will be perfect for trailheads. Anyone needing a pass can get a 3 day pass at the entry to the crater for $10.

Dave-it is a certified weed free grass, usually a central Oregon mix with mainly orchard grass. I'll put you down for a bale.
hehe if Legion will eat it... him is spoiled Smile


There is already a winery trail. Its been around for a while. Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyard puts it on.
Sussie, there must be a new one in the works for the winery trail. Maybe they are revamping the one they have to add in all the new wineries and calling it all new! Sounds like what a marketing plan would be all about. Anyway for those who want it we got it!


If you want wine or beer just come to Central Oregon! We have a ton of breweries. Heck a new one just opened up in Redmond!
Is there not sufficient forage there for the goats?
Joe, there is forage up behind camp and along the many old roads around camp, mainly the undergrowth below lodgepole and ponderosa. Might be some bitterbrush, some sage (not as much),manzanita, bunch grasses, even a few areas along Paulina Creek with some willows. Probably would be enough. There is some Lupine mixed in but enough of other things the goats shouldn't be tempted. The hay is for those who won't be out as much with their animals or wish to keep them in camp at night. I will need hay because I won't be able to get out much and I'll be bringing some younger ones for the experience as well as my older boys. I don't have anyone to milk for me so I might be running back and forth into Bend so whichever goats stay in camp will need hay. But that's just me. Hmmmm. That was almost a TMI answer.
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