Bridger's GORGEOUS full brother...$200 (Hornless LaMancha in Northern Utah)
(03-30-2015, 09:26 PM)Taffy Wrote: Holy cow, this buckling's sire is HUGE! His dam is a looker, too. What's going to happen to him if no one speaks up to buy him? Will he go to the sale barn or ?

His sire is currently just over 38"! Yes he will be going to the sale barn.

As I said, I'm traveling heavily for work...I was home less than 10 days in March. As I said I too want him & he would be joining his brother otherwise..but I promised my wife no more bottle babies unless I will be there to care for them during this time. I need to stay married. Anyway I love Bridger & really want to see his sibling in a good packing home.
LOCATION: Top-of-Utah at the South base of Ben Lomond
If you want to go Lamancha that would be a great pedigree to go with. All top national breeders in it.
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale.

S.E. Washington (Benton City)
I looked at his pedigree on the ADGA site and as Dave said - t's loaded with quality animals from top national breeders. If someone doesn't have goat milk available you can switch him to whole cow's milk. You'd want some goat's milk to mix it with to begin with but he'd be okay on whole cow's milk once he was weaned off the goat milk.
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(03-30-2015, 09:38 PM)Charlie Horse Wrote: Call me Shindler. If nobody gets him I'll be rescuing him.

Shindler, did you rescue him?
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I'm picking him up Monday. I've been camping with the goats. I'll do a write up soon.
Thank you, Charlie Horse. I owe you a hug. Wink

(04-05-2015, 09:05 PM)Charlie Horse Wrote: I'm picking him up Monday. I've been camping with the goats. I'll do a write up soon.
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To those that passed up this goat, I say to you "Ha ha!"

He seems to have the makings of a perfect pack goat. He was not too worried about meeting the dog for the first time at all. He tends to fit right in with the new herd just fine. He's not startled by passing cars. He leads better than some of my older goats. He is comfortable around people and loves to be loved, but at the same time isn't demanding. He seems at home wherever he is (While he did bah a lot in the car at first, he never got rowdy. Indoors he's curious but well mannered). Honestly I haven't found a fault with him so far, except that his ears are missing.

On that note, I am debating which name to use for him:

#1 Dragon (Because dragons have no ears, are large, and awesome.)
#2 Vincent VanGoat (Because of the ears.)

[Image: introductions_woodstock_01.jpg]

Ears, ears, everywhere! Oh. Wait.

[Image: introductions_stump_01.jpg]

I've been letting him sleep on my bed for the first part of the night till he wakes up (and gets rushed out to pee). Its how I handle puppies, so why not goslings. I'd say he's feeling right at home.
I'm so glad you rescued him! Maybe you should call him Schindler! Big Grin

I love how he is fitting in so well and is so well mannered. Once your other goats find out he's so perfect there me be mutiny among the ranks and he may get told how goats should REALLY act! Tongue
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I like Vincent Vangoat! Ha ha
So glad you got this little guy! I think Vincent VanGoat is a great name! I love his little white booties. Big Grin

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