Cold weather gloves
I'm out hiking and my hands are freezing. What gloves do you wear in rigid weather whiwhie hiking?
Goatberries Happen!
Taffy I use some winter riding gloves or cross country skiing gloves. The ski gloves actually have a space for hand warmers!
Charlene in Central Orego
We are selling the new gloves by Outdoor Research

I saw them at the OR Show last winter and looked very promising. I just ordered a pair today for field testing. I too am tired of cold hands when I am out feeding or hauling water.

Taffy, if you have an interest, let me know. I am pretty sure that I could get you a good deal on them.
The ice armor gloves made for ice fishing seem too be the best too me, and they also have a spot for handwarmer and they come in either a glove or a mitt.... great, I get them at sportsmans warehouse or a cabelas type store,
Taffy--I do a lot of backcountry skiing in very cold temperatures. I have NEVER had issues with this product. The price is reasonable. If you combine the mitts with a waterproof overmitt, you will be completely warm AND dry.
Boiled Wool Mittens
Waterproof mitten shells

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