What's in a name?
I often wonder how you folks come up with goat names. Some of them are pretty unusual!

I'll start with my doe, Joules. When I brought her home I introduced her to the family and told them her wattles were her "jewels." My husband is a retired electrician and he said if i was going to name her Jewels it should be spelled Joules because a joule is a unit of energy and she has lots of energy!
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Legion battled for his life when he was born so I wanted to name him something that would express that. Legion
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We named Cuzco after the stuck-up main character in Disney's The Emperor's New Groove. Yes, we knew we'd just bought a goat, not a llama! But our new little guy's attitude was unmistakably similar to Emperor Cuzco's, so the name stuck. Of course, it being an unusual name, people are always getting in wrong. He's been called "Crisco," "Couscous," "Cuckoo," "Cisco," "Zuko," and a lot of other things I can't recall. I think from now one we'll try to stick with easier names. Wink

We named Nibbles "Nibbles" because she tasted every single thing she could get her lips on when she first came to our house, and it's the name of a classic computer game. Phil is a computer game developer by trade, so this works.

Nubbin was hard to name. She went through several before we settled on Nubbin. I'm not sure why, but it just seemed to fit and it sounded so well with Nibbles.

Petunia was named after Phil's dearly departed grandmother, Eunice, whose nickname was Petunia or Euni-petuni. And a flower name seemed fitting since her mother is Lilly. With Lilly, Petunia, and now a dog named Daisy, it sounds like I'm raising a garden instead of goats!
My goat ledel is named after chuck ledel (by my dad) because she is the strongest goat we have ever had even stronger than our bucks
I have a coming yearling Alpine doeling named Lucky Hook LB Amazing Grace. Last March her dam had a rough kidding. She got one out on her own, we had to pull a dead kid and when the vet arrived he said there was another kid in there and he pulled it. None of us expected it to be alive. When he pulled her she came out screaming and stood up almost immediately. All of us were commenting on how amazing it was she that she was alive and healthy. Thus the Amazing Grace part of her name. Gracie has turned into an exquisite doeling. Very correct conformation and a great personality.
Goatberries Happen!
We just liked the idea of an outdoor theme and have stuck with it for the most part; Basil, Moose, Forest, June, Butte, Bruin, Boulder, and Flint.

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