Test thread
Hi I'm testing things!


Everyone’s hackles were up on this hike!
Herb’s goats, Oscar and Felix, stared suspiciously at the newcomers.[Image: 92620.2-1024x768.jpg]

Butterfly stared suspiciously at Herb’s dog.[Image: 92620.1-1024x768.jpg]
George was ready to take on all comers. He made sure no one messed with him or his sister![Image: 92620.3-1024x768.jpg]
Phil just looks good standing in front of hoodoos in the sunset light. [Image: 92620.4-1024x768.jpg]
First picture is kind of fuzzy in spots.

The rest are OK. Smile
Haha! First picture's not fuzzy. Phil and I were holding up pixelated cardbeard animation cutouts we made for a "Robot Wants Kitty" game promotional thing that Phil did way back in 2010.

We were testing out the photo uploading plugin that Phil added to this site. Before, you had to resize your photos before uploading. Now you can upload full size photos and the site will resize them for you. Smile

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