Two New Nannies!
Photos coming tomorrow...

Well, we went and looked at the two Alpine does I found on Craigslist and we decided that they were nice enough for the price that we'd better not pass them up. We've already named them "Delilah" and "Jezebel". Hopefully they won't live up to those names!

They're on the stunted side, but they look like a couple of gals that are itching to shoot up and fill out if given half a chance. After our success with Pac-Man, who at nine months was the size our girls had been at four months, I am feeling optimistic that we can get these goats caught up too. Their heads are very big in proportion to their bodies, and they look gangly. To me that screams "I want to grow some more if you'll just feed me properly!"

Contrary to the owner's description, they are not three feet tall at the back and 50-60 lbs. They are more like 28" tall and probably about 90-100 lbs. At two years old they are slightly smaller than my yearlings, but as I said, they look ready to blossom if given the chance. Conformation-wise, they look nicer than Nibbles or Lilly.

I was very concerned at first that they were down in the pasterns. The photo looked iffy and even when we saw them in person the pasterns looked suspect. But it was very hard to tell because their toes were so long that they were rocking back onto their heels, and they had very long hair that entirely covered the hooves and curled up at the end like elf shoes, adding to the illusion. The first thing I did when I got them home was trim their feet. They were very good about it despite being quite nervous, and they were patient even though it took some time to cut through all that overgrowth. Then I trimmed the hair around their hooves and suddenly they had nicely angled pasterns. Nothing wrong with them at all!

I don't think the owner knew very much about goats. These were pets and were never even bred, and they both look copper deficient and thin. But they were not starved or neglected--just not fed for optimal growth. I stopped at the vet to get some blood work done and make sure they don't have CAE. Until I get that back they've got their own pen separate from everyone else. The poor things know nothing about electric fence and keep accidentally touching it and then leaping three feet and crying. They're currently huddled in the middle of the pen as far from every side as possible, as if they think the fence is going to attack them. Hopefully they'll have it figured out in a day or so.
lol Id can just imaging the electric fence thing Smile Good luck with them and their tests! cant wait for some pics.
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Here's a picture of the girls in their new digs.

I've got some other cute photos I'll post later. They quit huddling in the middle of the pen and are now just avoiding the fence like good, sensible goats. Phil spent some time bonding with them this morning and they are beginning to warm up to us. They're timid little things right now.


Yesterday when we were on the way to look at these goats, Phil says,
"Tell me again why we're looking at more goats. What's so good about these that makes you want to see them?"

I started rattling off things like breeding, price, color, "never hurts to just look." Then I mentioned, "And they have wattles."

Phil sits up suddenly in his seat and exclaims, "Oh boy! NOW I'm excited!!"
Nice looking girls. We just decided yesterday we are going with Alpines and are buying the buck that has been hanging out on our property waiting for a new home, now he is home. So suddenly I see Alpines in a whole new way. Good to see you got these two beautiful does.

By the way I love wattles!!
Cool! I really like the grayish brown one with the stripes on her face Smile
I'm so jealous I live waddles
The girls chillin' in their pen. They want so badly to be with the other goats, and Lilly keeps circling their enclosure like a shark, waiting for the moment when they come out so she can show them who runs things around here!

Delilah would rather eat the shelter than go in it. I've gotten frustrated with these gals because they'd rather lay under the tree and get wet than go in out of the rain. I know they'll fit because Lilly still can and she's a lot bigger than they are. Look how skinny this poor gal is! She's not been starved, but she certainly could use some more groceries. I can't wait till she can go out and browse with the other goats. I bet she fills out in a hurry!

Phil bonds with his new girls. They're skittish little things, but I'm sure they'll warm up to us in time, especially once I put them with the other goats and it becomes a competition for treats and affection.

I love that little tongue sticking out! Delilah is the more timid of the two, but like all goats, she's curious.
I've got to get some more pictures of our new girls! They're already starting to gain a bit of weight, and Delilah stopped losing her hair. Today I left everyone else in their pens so I could let these two roam around and explore. I think this was a banner day for them. They spent the whole time poking around the yard, browsing here and there, and playing on rock piles. They're very curious little things. They never went back into their pen except for a quick drink, and they never laid down for a nap. They were too happy discovering new places. It was loads of fun to watch them!
Cool, I've enjoyed watching their progress Smile

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