Goat-O-Rama Kids of 2023
Aww, I'm sorry you've had another loss in your kidding season. 

Pongo looks absolutely huge against Balto!  Nothing warm my heart like a goat who is nice to other herd mates. Heart
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What a hard season for you! I’m sorry for your losses!
I love the picture of the goats in the dog house.

You know, you have to remember that in nature most of the young dont survive long. It sure seems like a waste, doesnt it?--- To think about what could have been. There just wouldn't be room for everyone otherwise though. You know what they say-- if cats were able to breed with no limits they'd outweigh the planet in a few years. Then shortly after that they'd outweigh the sun, and soon after that they'd collapse into a black hole and once again there would be no cats.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!
Herb took this photo of me and Pongo on our trip to Utah in October. It's been a hard year here at Goat-O-Rama but this picture reminds me to look at what I have and not at what I've lost. Look at this precious little buddy! Am I not the luckiest person in the whole wide world?? I'm wearing the absolute PERFECT shirt too! It's a heartbeat line with a goat in it. 

What a beautiful picture. I can't believe how big he is already! Such a pretty boy!

Hey what's that he's got on his collar? That thing that looks like a lifesaver candy?
Breeding Kinders in Western NC since 2019 
It's a glow-in-the-dark donut. Herb discovered them. I saw them on his goats and decided mine needed some too! If you want one I can send you one. I bought a pack of like 10 or 15 of them and I could certainly spare a couple. Smile

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