Anyone in tejas?
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Hello everyone newbie from springtown TX anyone near me?
Welcome! We do have a few members from Texas. Robert and Connie Losee live near Waco and are very avid goat packers.
Hi, Johnnyflatbill, we r 5he Losees. Thanks, Nan for.compliment that we are avid goatpackers. Actually, we.feel we have never moved status, but we keep.trying. Johnn6, your town is 108 miles.from ours, Hubbard, TX. I would really see us few.Texans meet monthly for one of.2 reasons.or.both: to active "political" group if that's the right word, to try to make some inroads in opening Texas Stat3 Park system to allowing our goats in and/or just getting together with goats.for some fun outings. I know.there is or was.some.guy who works Lake.Whitney and.then Nan invited a lovely lady to our one and only planned.NAPgA event herr in Texas so i know.there is at least a whopping number of four of us here. :-). PM us your contact info or if u r not comfy with that, let us know.and.we.will pm u ours.

Nan, would.NAPgA give blessings to a.little.Texas sub-group privided we.follow.guidelines.given to us? I am a bit clueless how to start such a group or if.we.should. Thanks.
NAPgA absolutely encourages sub-groups! Part of NAPgA's purpose is to network goatpackers together since there are so few of us. All NAPgA members are able to access the Member Map on the NAPgA website and locate others in their area. If you click on those members you can see their contact info (except for the few who have chosen to hide it). Non-members can't access that info, so there's no reason to feel like just anyone on the internet can contact you. Only other goatpacking enthusiasts!

I'd encourage you guys to call Hill Country State Natural Area. Those folks seemed very receptive to the idea of hosting a packgoat get-together. I had a great conversation with a fellow named Augie Medellin who has been a ranger there for quite a few years. If you ever decide to pursue that location I can get you his contact information. Smile
We are near Temple. Wedon't pack yet, but do have the goats.
I’d love to have a meet up
Nan, can you send us that guy Augie's contact info?

Johnny, we are near Waco so we are only about an hour from Temple. We could probably find a meeting place in between maybe. Our schedule for August is crazy with all our doctor appointments but maybe we could work on something for September.
Connie, I sent you Augie's info via private message. :-)
I know this is a year late but my wife and I are now into goat packing. We’re in Stephenville and would love to be a part of any meet ups y’all do.

I love meeting packgoat people from Texas! I'm in Colorado and unfortunately I don't get down to Texas as much as I'd like to. I have family in Granbury and I LOVE the Purple Goat BBQ in Stephenville! Phil and I stopped there with our goats in tow in 2019 when we did our Packgoat Rendezvous in Texas.

Nubian/Swiss crosses do great in the heat. Saanens don't tolerate heat at all so I recommend avoiding that breed. I hope we can get together sometime!

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