used equipment
Sorry, I just saw this, I had noticed Your comment but couldn't find it till I did make most of the saddles and panniers. I have two saddles made by Glen Thornton back in the day, he made fine saddles. I have two sets of what I call bucket panniers, made by John Mionczynski. The fabric is very heavy duty and when I was making equipment I could never find that fabric. My business was Pack Idaho, I enjoyed it but found myself packing less and sewing more, and all the hype at the time selling equipment, just lost interest.
I think I made a mistake wanting to sell as a lot so think I am going to change the add and piece things out. The saddles I have other than Glen's are not polished and pretty, as I made them for myself but they are good saddles and still plenty functional.
Thanks, hope you have a nice turkey day, erv

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