Texas Hill Country
Howdy folks! James from the Texas Hill Country(south central texas)

Ive been an avid dog hunter\breeder for the last 3 decades and recently slowed down with family life. I have raised various sheep breeds on my property. I train all year to be a better physically fit elk hunter. That being said I am contemplating adding a few alpines to accompany me into the backcountry in Colorado. I have access to plenty of private land local and my daughters would love helping me raise and train them. Just not 100% sure its worth doing year round for the 1-2 week trips to the mountains. For now I will lurk and see if there are many other pack goat enthusiasts in the Texas area. If its the right fit for my family it will workout. Thanks for letting me join up here and read
Hello and welcome! I love the Texas hill country and I would love to go down there and hike with packgoats sometime, but dang it! the Texas state parks system doesn't allow goats anywhere! I have talked to several folks there in your state about approaching the state parks board to work on some changes, but so far no one has followed through. The North American Packgoat Association hosted a small rendezvous in Texas back in 2018. It was a lot of fun and I'd love to see more goat packing activity down there.

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