Newbie in Nevada County, CA
Hi everyone!

Delighted to stumble upon this forum and keep learning. My husband and I have a small farmstead in Grass Valley, CA and are in the "excited but still researching like crazy" phase. My partner has raised goats before, but keeping working goats of this sort will be new to us. So far I've read John Mionczynski's book, pestered the 4Hers at the last county fair for hours, and fallen for the La Mancha breed (I already had a soft spot for Alpines & Nubians).

Our goal is to start building our herd by spring and be ready for some small walks when it warms up! Goat milk, fire/brush clearance, and a sweet hiking buddy (or more like three or four) is the plan for 2022!

Smile Alexa
Welcome! We look forward to hearing about your future adventures!
Hey fellow Californian!

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