Young, new, and excited to learn.
Hi guys, I'm new and well, let me tell you about myself;

I’m one of the most misunderstood teens of all time… Not really. But it sure seems that way. (Could be my age. Wink ) An example is that a lot of what I say is taken to offense, and if I end up offending you, I probably didn’t do it on purpose. I’m a full blooded tomboy. XD And I refuse to take a boyfriend in this stage of my life. (I think boyfriends when you’re really young are the most idiotic thing; other then drugs, alcohol, and smoking.) However, I’m still a teen, and I’m extraordinarily opinionated… (Surprise! NOT) I am not afraid to kick anyone’s butt if they don’t respect my space. (In high school mostly)And I LOVE animals; everyone tells me I’m good with them, ever since I was little. Dog’s, chickens, (Yes, I might have a problem) horses, goats, deer, wolves, and birds are my specialties. *Wink wink*

Since I was bullied a lot in the past, I can’t take compliments seriously, (Cough cough 'popular girls') and I barely trust anyone. (My personal issue... Yay. *Sarcasm*) I don't really get attached to people (Other then my family) but I bond to animals really closely, and I’ll be depressed for weeks if I lose any of them. (Not to mention the crying) I personally think that animals are greater companions then most humans. But hey, that’s me…

Hmmm… Let’s see; I started registered Alpine dairy show Goats as a 4-her. It was amazing; the responsibility was very humbling, as it was very rewarding. However, after a particular traumatizing event, (having to do with goats) I completely got out of goats. Sold all of them except for one... Her name is Fable; she is a three year old beautiful and outgoing unregistered doe that has not been bred yet. This year, I’m going to change that…

I got into pack goats for many reasons. Number one: I enjoy backpacking.
Number two: The shows got extremely stressing.
Number three: I tend to enjoy the wethers personality… (I heard they make good packers while they are a waste of space when you raise show goats.) However, I’m very, very new to goat packing, in fact, I haven’t tried it yet. But will in the future. I’m very excited and I’ll be asking a lot of questions.
Welcome to PackGoat Central! Did you put yourself on our members map? Smile
Welcome!! Its nice to meet you. Smile We hope you will love this forum. Smile
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Nice to meet you too! XD And; members map? Do you have to register?
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They laugh at me because I'm different; I laugh at them because they're all the same. And no, I'm not a black sheep to they’re white; I'm a goat to they’re sheep.
No,you don't. Just click on 'additions',then 'add marker'. Smile
My words have power...And so do yours.
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