Five alpine/saanen pack experienced 5-6 year old pack goats for sale
I'm in Northern California just north of San Francisco if you could bring them out where would you be able to meet and you could call to talk707-332-9011
The goats are sold. I still have the equipment. I have 6 sets.

This is a link to the saddle.

panniers :



I have the stuff for a high/low line too. Also good hoof trimmers.

All of it is in pretty good condition. A couple of the paniers have some worn spots but some of them look brand new. I can give more info on them if requested, but I leave tomorrow on a hunting trip so just send me a PM and post on here If you're interested, and I'll get back with you late September when I return. If I could sell it as a lot that would be amazing. Added up this all cost around 3000 and its in really good condition. We used it on two trips. I'd like to get around 2000 for all of it. Which is just a touch more than the saddles alone if you were to go with new.
(05-22-2021, 11:16 AM)hutchwv Wrote: Here are a couple photos

I'm interested... central PA.  Hit me up, thanks!

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