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Full Version: Five alpine/saanen pack experienced 5-6 year old pack goats for sale
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I'm parting with these packers becasue I just don't have time take care of them and our fence needs some serious upgrades.   They've been on two trips to Colorado consecutive years and they did well, but the second trip I hadn't exercised them enough and it showed.   They do very well with trail time.   Two of them appear to possibly be a different breed, but they pack well too.  They're all about 150-170 lbs.  $350 each.   Would like to keep them together.  Also have saddles, paniers, coats, leads, and some other stuff I'll be selling as well.   Located in West Virginia.
Bump. Surely someone on the east coast wants some goats.
Here are a couple photos
Wish they were closer to MT, I would take them
Post them on Facebook in the Packgoat Network group. You'll reach a large number of people.
(05-22-2021, 07:55 PM)mtgreenjw Wrote: [ -> ]Wish they were closer to MT, I would take them

We had them shipped here from nebraska for under 2000.   I'll be making a trip to out west probably to colorado in September.  I could bring them along if you wanted to meet me....
Bump! Someone take these goats before I have to take them to market.
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