Question about the 5 herd roles

I am not sure exactly where to ask this, but since it's kind of random, I decided maybe the campfire was a good place. 

I am wondering about the 5 herd roles/jobs that John Myonczynski wrote about in his book the Pack Goat. Does anyone know what the 5 jobs are? I am doing a project involving pack goats for one of my university classes, and I can only remember "lookout" and "social coordinator" (not sure if that's the actual name, but the one who makes sure everyone is still there). I moved a couple times in the last year and can't find my copy of the book, otherwise I'd look it up myself!
Thanks for reading, I would greatly appreciate any help you can give!
I have the book and I looked up the chapter that deals with herd pecking order and I see "protector" (dominant male), "leader" (top female), "babysitter" (female designated by the leader), and "social director" (a male or female in the middle of the pecking order). I'm not seeing a fifth role. I usually call the guy at the back of the string "bear bait" though. Wink
Nanno, Thank you!

That is very helpful. I read I a long time ago, so I'm not sure why I had it in my head that there were 5 rather than 4. I really appreciate your help!
Sounds interesting book. Nan, can u give name.and author Thanks.
Interesting about babysitter being a female. That job seemed to go to our then teenaged Blackie, a wether. Sine we quit breedinh and he's gotten older, more jealous of us, i don't know who has that role now if anyone.

We currently have the baby tog and ober, butbecause of Yeddy's inability to handle the heat here, we only occasionally put them in the nighttime pen with the herd. When we rarely put them in main pasture they stck to the barn and don't follow the herd way out where they would be subject to the Texas sun's full rath...a good thing so far. But it also means they aren't really integrating in with our other pack goats.
(08-22-2022, 10:36 AM)blackie's maiden Wrote: Sounds interesting book. Nan, can u give name.and author Thanks.

"The Pack Goat" by John Mionczynski.

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